Where to Find Cyber Monday Deals on Apple Products

There’s one place you can count on NOT to offer the best Black Friday deals on iPhones, MacBooks and other Apple products: the Apple Store. Even when the tech giant promises a sales “event” the results are less than exciting, like minor discounts on accessories that are already cheaper somewhere else. Here are the best (so far, at least) Cyber Monday deals on the most popular Apple items and where to find them.

Apple Watch – Target

Target is a great place to shop for Apple goodies because they frequently toss in a free gift card. Even without one, the chain has the best price on the Apple Watch Series 1 with prices starting at $198 for the 38mm model and $228 for the 42mm version. Both are available with a variety of colors.

MacBook Pro

Apple actually has a decent deal on this popular 13.3” MacBook Pro at the full price with a $150 gift card but Best Buy beats that by offering the same model for $100 less upfront – $1,399.00.

MacBook Air

Best Buy also has the best price on the 256GB SSD MacBook Air, $999 for a model that Apple sells for $200 more.

iPad Pro

Again, Target is the go-to place for getting the lowest price on an iPad Pro – any of them. Prices for the 9.7” model start at $449 for the 32GB model, $549 for 128GB and $649 for 256GB. That’s $150 to $250 off list price.

iPad Air

Best Buy has the best price on the iPad Air 2 with $274, a discount of $125.

Apple TV

Again, Target is the winner with a price of $112.29, a discount of 25% off the list price of $149.99.


Alas, there are no really great deals to be found on iPhones for Cyber Monday but Target is offering a $250 gift card with purchase of an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus at the regular price. Also, Amazon is currently offering refurbished unlocked models of the 64GB iPhone 6s for $529.99 and 128GB for $679.95.