Samsung Galaxy 3 Black Friday Deals Announced at Best Buy

Samsung Galaxy 3 Black Friday Deals Announced at Best Buy


As part of a preview of upcoming Best Buy Black Friday 2012 Deals, electronics retailer, Best Buy, announced that the Samsung Galaxy 3 will be available for purchase at nearly 75% off the original cost of the device.

The Samsung Galaxy 3, when purchased with activation, will cost only $48. The Black Friday Deal purchase price gives users a $151.99 discount on the non Black Friday Deal price. Best Buy is offering the white version (the alternate non Black Friday sale version is Pebble Blue) of the phone with 16GB of memory and a Sprint calling an data plan.

The phone is an android based device that runs on the latest Android operating system – 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The device is capable of connecting to the Sprint 4G LTE network for high speed connection.

Specs-wise the Samsung Galaxy 3 is about 5.5″ in height, 3″ in width and half an inch in depth. The weight of the device is 4.7 ounces. Samsung has integrated Super AMOLED technology with the 4.8″ color touch screen in order to keep the display smudge free.

In consumer branding, Samsung has positioned the Samsung Galaxy 3 as the less expensive, yet smarter alternative to the much hyped iPhone 5. During and after the release of the iPhone 5, Samsung ran several advertisements depicting individuals waiting in line outside of an Apple-like store to purchase the iPhone 5, while users of the Samsung Galaxy 3 walked by using features provided by the phone that were either just being made available to iPhone 5 users or even not yet available to iPhone 5 users. Reviews have touted the Samsung Galaxy 3 as the “iPhone Killer”. Samsung by far has the largest screen size over both iPhones and the next most likely competitor the HTC One.

The device includes a 8.0 MP rear facing camera and a 1.9 MP front-facing camera.

Without activation the Samsung Galaxy 3 is priced at $699. Best Buy will be offering the discount during the dates of 11/22 through 11/24.