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Hot Tech Gifts Under $100

Practically everyone loves looking at all the latest tech items like gaming consoles and interactive toys but most of them are pretty pricey. Here are a few fun tech toys for both kids and adults that make great gifts at $100 or less.

Nintendo 2DS

Unlike large gaming consoles that cost hundreds of dollars and require a batch of accessories, the Nintendo 2DS is palm-sized and can go anywhere. Great for passing the time while on a plane or just waiting, this tiny console sells for just $99.

Streaming TV

If someone you know is addicted to Netflix or Hulu but does not have a smart TV, a streaming device will be a welcome gift. There are several available for $100 or less including the Roku+ for $100 and Amazon’s Fire TV bundle for $90. Even cheaper is the Google Chromecast Ultra starting at $69.


Drones are one of the hottest toys of the year for kids and grownups who love to play at being kids again. The Syma X5C Explorers drone sells for under $60 while the Air Hogs Ultimate Millennium Falcon Quad drone is about $80. Walmart has the Extreme Ready-to-Fly Quadcopter drone for $69.99 and several more drones for under $100.

Wireless speakers

Amazon has a ton of these like the Echo Dot for just $49.99. Even cheaper are the Cambridge Soundworks wireless Bluetooth speaker for $27.99 and the Doss Touch wireless Bluetooth portable speaker for $34.99. A best seller with great reviews, the Anker Premium stereo Bluetooth speaker is just $50.99.

Virtual Reality headsets

These are one of the hottest gift ideas for this year, mostly because not that many of us have them yet and the gadgets are available at a variety of price points . The LANIAKEA VR headset with magnetic front cover and adjustable focal is just $30.99 on Amazon while Walmart has the new EVO Next VR headset with Bluetooth controller for $29.99.

Yes, You Can Find a Great Deal on a Christmas Tree in NYC

An article from AOL Finance this week painted a pretty bleak picture of shopping for a Christmas tree in New York City. “Finding a Christmas tree in New York City on a sidewalk surrounded by concrete and taxi cabs is a lot like buying a fishing boat inside a shopping mall: You get the feeling this is not natural, and neither is the pricing.”

Unless you have the time (and the money, and a truck and a saw) to drive way out into the snowy woods to cut down your own tree, you’re going to have to shop for one on the streets of New York. Wading through a pile of dry, sad looking trees while shivering in the 40-degree cold is not the kind of experience that fills one with holiday cheer. And that’s before you look at the prices of those third-rate trees.

Fortunately, you live in NYC and that means you can get anything delivered, including a Christmas tree! While there are places all over the city where you will pay a very high price for this convenience, you have an alternative – Christmas Tree Brooklyn!

At Christmas Tree Brooklyn, you will find only fresh, green Fraser Firs, premium trees that will keep their good looks through the holiday season. You will also find the lowest prices in town for trees of this quality. Right now, trees up to 10 feet are just $12 per foot, meaning that you can get a fresh fir for as little as $36. You’ll find a wide range of sizes from 3 feet to 14 feet, all of them full and beautiful!

Not only are the trees at Christmas Tree Brooklyn totally stunning, delivery is free anywhere in New York City. If you want to pick out your tree in person, drop by the flagship location at 184 Underhill Ave. in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, and choose from the large selection. For the ultimate in convenience, order your tree online at Either way, same day delivery is free.

Need help setting up your tree? That’s available for a nominal extra charge. Need a wreath, a stand or lights? Those can be added to your order. Have questions? Call (347) 474-0079 for more information or aid in choosing a tree.

Getting the tree of your Christmas dreams doesn’t have to be difficult – or expensive!

Top Toys of Christmas 2016

“Jingle All the Way” is one of the funniest holiday movies because it centers around a problem that parents face every year: how to get the toy your child wants most when it’s been sold out for weeks. It’s hilarious when you can watch Arnold Schwarzenegger dash frantically from one toy store to another but not so funny when you’re searching online for the last Hatchimal within 50 miles. Here are this year’s hottest toys – happy shopping!


This little digital egg that hatches into a bird-like kid is the most coveted toy of Christmas 2016 and the source of a million headaches for parents. It carries a list price of $59.99 but is sold out practically everywhere, leaving parents to decide whether to spend $200+ on Amazon or eBay or to hope that a new shipment comes to Toys R Us before Christmas Eve.

Star Wars toys

With a new film coming out December 16, this is the year for all things Star Wars. Especially hot right now are the Smart R2-D2 from Hasbro, the Interactech Stormtrooper and the X-WIng vs. Death Star Rebel Assault drone by Air Hogs. Does Star Wars every really go out of style?

Princess Elena of Avalor

Of course there has to be new Disney Princess every holiday season. This one is the brand’s first Latina Princess and the star of the new Disney Channel series. Walmart has Princess Elena dolls starting at $10.19. “Frozen” items are still hot and Barbie is a perennial favorite.


Tiny collectables are back with Shopkins leading the list. These little toys are sold in sets and have their own dolls, dollhouse, backpacks and more. There are plenty of products to choose from.

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon

The latest additions to the wide world of Pokémon, these are brand new games for the Nintendo 3DS gaming console. These look to be among the hottest selling toys of the year and will probably be hard to find as Christmas draws closer.

FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon

This is currently the #1 top selling toy on Amazon, an interactive pet dragon that changes colors and breathes mist. Other hot sellers are the Furby Connect, Disney Frozen Jeep and Paw Patrol Air Patroller.

Watch a Livestream of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

One of New York City’s favorite holiday traditions is the giant Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center which will be lit every night until January plus 24 hours on December 25. For those who just can’t get enough of this iconic tree, now you can watch a livestream of the 94-foot Norway Spruce when you’re bored at the office or just have time to waste. Why not enjoy this majestic tree and its thousands of lights from the comfort of home instead of going out in the cold? Watch here.

Another holiday tradition you can enjoy from the comfort of home is buying a Christmas tree. No spending all day Saturday in search of the right tree and hauling it home – not if you live in New York City! Christmas Tree Brooklyn can bring the perfect tree to your home or office for a price far lower than you’d pay at your local lot or home store.

The best trees

You won’t find dry, scraggly trees at Christmas Tree Brooklyn because they sell only premium Fraser Firs that are fresh and ready to decorate your home until New Year’s Day. Trees are available in sizes from three to 14 feet so you’re sure to get just the one you need.

The best service

At Christmas Tree Brooklyn you can pick your tree in person at their flagship location of 184 Underhill Ave. in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, or order online at Either way, you’ll get free same day delivery to your home or office. If you need setup, that’s available for a small extra charge. If you have questions, call (347) 474-0079.

The best prices

The prices at Christmas Tree Brooklyn aren’t just lower than those of other tree delivery businesses, they’re lower than you’ll find at local lots or supermarkets. For a limited time, all trees up to 10 feet are just 12 a foot! That means that a 6-foot tree is just $72 and delivery is always free. If you need extras like lights, a stand, a wreath or tree food, those can be part of your delivery.

For a true NYC holiday, what could be better than watching the Rockefeller Center tree on your TV or computer screen while basking in the glow of your own beautiful, fragrant tree from Christmas Tree Brooklyn?

How to Buy a Christmas Tree for Under $100 in NYC

The celebrity news sites are full of stories about how well-heeled actors, musicians and athletes are decorating their trees this year. Word has it that Kylie Jenner’s tree was almost too tall to fit into her multi-million dollar mansion! Meanwhile, the rest of us are trying to figure out how to have a happy holiday on a budget.

The lowest prices on trees

If you want to spend $100 or less on a real, rather than artificial, tree, your choices may be limited. Droughts and other environmental problems have driven the prices of trees higher this year and some NYC lots are asking up to $77 a foot for some trees! Fortunately, you can find much lower prices at Christmas Tree Brooklyn, where for a limited time, trees up to 10 feet are only $12 per foot.

That means you can get a small 3-foot tree for $36, a 5-foot tree for $60 or an 8-foot tree for $96. Prices for extras like a stand, lights and setup are reasonable, too. Best of all, delivery is free anywhere in New York City!

Your choice

At Christmas Tree Brooklyn, you can pick out your tree in person or order online. Either way, you get free same-day delivery. Drop by the Christmas Tree Brooklyn flagship location at 184 Underhill Ave., Prospect Heights, Brooklyn and choose your own tree or go to, pick your size from 3 to 14 feet and let them choose one for you. Don’t worry about getting a bad tree because all of their trees are high quality fresh, full Fraser Firs. If you have questions, call (347) 474-0079.

The $100 tree

You can have your choice of trees for $100 or less at Christmas Tree Brooklyn because they have a tree for any budget. Getting a beautiful tree that will brighten your holiday doesn’t have to be expensive and getting it home doesn’t have to cost extra when you shop at Christmas Tree Brooklyn!

5 Best Selling VR Headsets from Amazon

Virtual Reality headsets are so new to the market that it’s not always easy to identify the “best” products, or even the best values. Still, since these high-tech toys are growing in popularity by the day, it is possible to tell which headsets are getting the most sales and best reviews on Amazon. Here are five best sellers, all priced at under $100.

Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality headset – $59.99

This reasonably-priced item is Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in Cell Phone VR Headsets and received 4 out of 5 stars from 2,198 customers. The downside to the Samsung Gear VR headset is that it works only with a limited number of Samsung smartphones including the Galaxy S6, S7, Note and Edge models.

VersionTech 2nd 360° Virtual Reality Headset – $30.99

If you want a VR headset that’s compatible with a wide variety of smartphones, the VersionTech 2nd is Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in Animation & 3D. The low price and 3.6 out of 5 star rating are positives but there’s one big negative if you’re planning to buy this as a gift: Amazon will not guarantee that it will arrive by Christmas.

SARLAR 3D Virtual Reality headset – $29.99

Another versatile headset that’s compatible with iOS, Android, Microsoft or PC phones sized 4” to 6.5”, this is Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in Night Vision Binoculars and Goggles. The low price, adaptability and 3.8 star rating make this headset a good choice but unfortunately, it’s also not guaranteed for Christmas delivery.

Magicoo 3D VR Box – $59.99

Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in 3D Games, the Magicoo headset gets a solid 4.1 stars from users and is compatible with most smartphones. It will be in stock on December 12 and should be available for delivery before Christmas.

View Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack – $13.99

The #1 Best Seller in Viewfinder Toys, this budget-priced headset earned 3.9 stars from 777 reviewers. The View Master VR headset is designed for kids 7 to 15 and works with a wide variety of recent smartphones. Best of all, it’s in stock and ready to ship as soon as you order.