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Google Nexus Takes on Apple iPad

Google has recently announced that it will release its own Tablet and rate it under the same price range as the Apple iPad so as to establish a competitive field in the tech market against the latter’s dominating power over the tech industry.

According to the executive chairman and chief executive officer Eric Schmidt, their device will be of the highest quality, aside from that, no other design specs regarding it has been released, as he also mentioned that vital information surrounding the project would still be under wraps until its release, and the ambiguity behind it has already served as an effective form of marketing because of the apparent “mystique” behind it which has peaked the curiosity of Tablet users and otherwise.

Apart from the very little information given, it is said that it would be released on mid-2012 and will run on various Google platforms like Android; specifically the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Honeycomb and even the 2.3 Gingerbread. Critics deem the Android OS as a cleaner alternative compared to the iOS.

If Google is indeed trying to catch up with Apple in the technological highway with their Tablet, then it will probably need to cover some serious mileage if it is ever going to outclass all of the other powerful competitors like Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry PlayBook, Cisco Cius and finally the HP Slate 500.

However, if it fails to even match up to the high standard that Apple has established for itself, then it will most likely fall under the category of those who tried valiantly, but failed miserably to settle an even tenure against the iPad like the Hewlett-Packard TouchPad, Dell Streak 5, Microsoft Courier and finally the JooJoo (yes, it is actually called that).  Still, Google states that it will undoubtedly develop a product that will not only prove formidable to the iPad, but will also make a name for itself in the tech world along with all of the other big names.

iPad 3 cripples iPad 2 Christmas Sales

The escalating rumors of the iPad 3 have been coursing through the web since they started on the early month of July. According to the rumor released by the DigiTimes based in Taipei, the iPad 3 will be released in 2012; specifically between March and April, and will have even more features than its predecessor.

The concept video of it has already been uploaded on Youtube and shared throughout various sites and blogs, along with many variations of the rumor itself going around such channels as well. While it may come off as a hoax to some, many hardcore tech savvies are already on the prowl for any possible leads to its actual release date or if it is even legitimate at all to begin with.

Regardless, the rumors have already begun to take effect, particularly on the decision making of whether consumers even want to purchase the device or not, and because of the sheer redundancy behind it several Apple enthusiasts aren’t even bothering to put it on their wish list on the basis that the iPad 3 will surpass it, making this claim all the more reasonable.

A related incident started during the circulation of the iPhone 5 rumors where sales of the iPhone 4 faced a similar dilemma during the summer, although most of the tension was alleviated when the iPhone 4S was released on October 14, 2011 at the United States.

As such, it is only natural during this critical time of the holidays that many malls, vendors and tech shops face a slight drawback on sales surrounding the iPad 2, despite the fact that the Christmas holidays is usually the time where business is at its highest.

The agonizing truth behind this rumor however; is that nobody is really sure. There are already several hundred articles speaking of the iPad 3 regarding its appearance, size, features, price, etc. that there really is no irrefutable certainty that it will even come to light. Although keep in mind that when it comes to Apple, there is always the possibility.

Pong Case for iPad Reduces Radiation

Pong Research Corporation is a company that deals with the research of diverting and reducing the Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that is generated by devices like the iPhone, Blackberry, Motorola Droid and even the ever so popular iPad, as well as its successor the iPad 2. They specialize in developing state-of-the-art cases that not only look good but help shield your body from the hazardous effects of the radiation and diminish it under the scale deemed acceptable by the standards of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) at about 1.6 W/kg.

Recently, Pong Research Corporation released an extraordinary case that will protect you from harmful radiation emenating from many of the electronic devices you use every day.

At first glance, it may seem like an ordinary case, but upon closer inspection of the interior it contains a micro-thin antenna module that redirects the radiation away from the body and forwarding it to the nearest cell tower, which is referred to as the Far Field Intensity or FFI; the signal just spreads to all directions without the antenna.

This is essential as it not only bypasses the drawback of weak signals often associated with most casings, but it will also enhance the reception of your device significantly by at least 0.12dBi. The reason why this is such a big deal for medical experts is because the EMR that is absorbed by our bodies might lead to unexpected and possibly even fatal side-effects; like increasing the chances of developing certain cancers.

The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is a measure of the rate of energy that is absorbed by our bodies when exposed to a Radio Frequency (RF) electromagnetic field and the energy absorbed per mass of tissue which is measured by watts per kilogram or W/kg.

This can apply to the entire body or a portion of it (particularly the head) where most of the energy is absorbed. Now when it comes to the 3G antenna, the sensor reacts when any solid object (including the user) comes into close proximity of the iPad or iPhone, it lowers the radio output emanating from the antenna by at least 6dBm (at least 75%), which unfortunately also affects the FFI and transmission power of the devices resulting in a weak signal.

These issues are all resolved with the Pong Case, which not only protects you from the potentially hazardous energies from your devices, but it also improves the signal sufficiently to suit your needs, and while the proximity sensor is often tripped by most third party cases, this does not apply to the Pong Case because of small hole in the area where the proximity sensor is located, which allows the data to flow freely at full speed.

Bangor Savings Bank Helping Entrepreneurs in Maine

Bangor Savings bank in Bangor, Maine stated in a recent release that they gave out over “$14,889,050 in loans to 68 new or existing businesses.” For the small businesses and retailers that make up the Maine economy, those loans are often what keep them alive and help them grow despite a down economy. According to Jim Conlon, President and CEO of Bangor Savings Bank, “Maine is home to 147,484 small businesses, representing 97% of employers in Maine. In the fiscal year ending September 30, 2011, Maine banks granted more than 390 SBA loans totaling $79 million to small businesses statewide.” Bangor Savings bank was the “SBA lender in Maine for 2011.” the report says.

Bangor Savings Bank is encouraging young entrepreneurs to make money by starting their own lemonade stand–they have dubbed the project “Lemonade Day Maine.”

“Bangor Savings Bank is not only investing in today’s entrepreneurs – we are investing in our next generation of entrepreneurs,” wrote Conlon in an email to Black Friday Magazine’s editor.

Conlon described Lemonade Day Maine as “an entrepreneurial educational initiative designed to teach children how to start, own and operate their own business using a lemonade stand as a vehicle.” The statement goes on to say that “[Lemonade Day Maine] is free for kids, unites a network of youth support organizations, and brings out the entire community to support tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.”

Lemonade Day in Maine was started in June 2010 and was initially only held in the Greater Portland area, but according to Conlan, it has since “[expanded] to the Greater Bangor area [this year]!”

To find out more about Lemonade Day Maine visit

iPad 2 Holiday Sales Hurt by iPad 3 Rumors

The iPad 2 has been on the top of many people’s Holiday wish-lists since the device came out in March 2011, but now rumors of a newer iPad or iPad 3 have some holiday gift buyers “holding out” for the new device to hit the market.

“It’s simple economics,” says Mathematics Professor Jay Louis, “if the iPad 3 comes out tomorrow, not only does your iPad 2 seem less cool for some reason, but the same device you bought yesterday for $499 could now cost a hundred dollars less.” Louis tells us that consumers should wait to buy the iPad 2, if indeed the iPad 3 is to come out in the coming months.

Apple’s iPhone 4 sales were hurt this year by rumors of an iPhone 5. Unfortunately, due to Apple’s strict policies on secrecy they have been unable or unwilling to squash such rumors as they arise. Market analysts say that Apple’s secrecy is a benefit to the company because they are able to stir consumers into a frenzy, but that it is also a problem for the company because they can’t stop people from holding off on their purchases when a new device is rumored to come out soon.

“If Apple squashed the iPhone 5 rumors last summer, or the iPad 3 rumors now, that would give consumers the idea that if it isn’t true Apple will deny it and if it is true Apple will keep quiet. Apple either has to maintain secrecy about everything, or nothing at all. My guess is the will choose the former.” says David Kellin, a Los Angeles advertising and marketing contractor.

For now, it appears as though Apple’s Christmas and Holiday sales will be hurt by the iPad 3 rumors.

Samsung Galaxy Coming to Outback Despite Apple

Australian courts ruled today that Samsung Electronics Co. can legally sell their Galaxy tablets in the country, despite patent claim lawsuits brought on them by Apple Inc. of Cupertino, California. Samsung has been fighting Apple in courts across the world, claiming that some features on the Samsung Galaxy are blatant copies of Apple’s patented technology. A court order initially blocked the sale of Samsung Galaxy tablets in Australia, but that order was overturned with the High Court’s final ruling on the matter.

Galaxy Comes Just in Time For Christmas

The court’s ruling to allow Samsung to sell the Galaxy in Australia comes at an important time for the company, whose quarterly profits would have suffered if the tablet was not available in time for the Christmas shopping rush. Samsung released a statement indicating that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be available sometime in the next two weeks.

Sales of the Samsung Galaxy have been blocked since October, meaning that the company already missed out on the After-Thanksgiving shopping rushes, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

An Ongoing Legal Battle with Apple

Samsung has been fighting Apple’s patent lawsuits on multiple fronts in a legal battle that now spans 10 countries. Judges in the Netherlands and Germany sided with Apple.

Aside from being a legal nightmare for the company, the lawsuits have damaged Samsung’s reputation. According to Black Friday Magazine reader polls, many consumers to see Samsung as more of a “knock-off” generic brand. Apple on the other hand is often perceived as highly innovative and a leader of the consumer electronics industry.