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Xyologic Put iPad Against Android in Study

As of recent, Xyologic was able to release their study case on the iPhone and Android, where they determined that the former is more fitting for games as the latter is or apps. However, the truth behind this rather jejune and inaccurate estimate between these two is anything but precise.

They executed their assessment by overseeing the entire US Android Market against the free iPhone offerings (please note that that is not the entire download catalogue of Apple as there are many more, and not just the ones that are free) and the results were quite surprising; the iPhone had more game downloads than apps compared to the Android which consisted otherwise.

Here is an accurate yet unsupported overview of the data that they collected:

Entire Android Market:

  • 85 of top 150 downloads are apps, with 91.5 million downloads
  • 65 of top 150 downloads are games, with 33.4 million downloads

Free iPhone Apps:

  • 50 of top 150 downloads are apps, with 25.6 million downloads
  • 100 of top 150 downloads are games, with 71.6 million downloads

Based on what can be seen, there is no question as to how Xyologic could have made such an unforeseen error. If it were up to a professional opinion, the entire roster of both stores would have proven more relevant and generated the valid results necessary to provide any credible evidence to support their study.

Regardless, the games market of Apple has proven to be quite popular than the paid apps because of free downloads and discount offerings which was especially apparent during the holidays. It could be an assumption as to why Xyologic may have determined such statistics under circumstantial factors. On the other hand, it has made very accurate claims in the past although the recent mishap may have just been a miscalculation on their part.

This just goes to show that not everything is exact all the time, even in terms of technology. Apple and Google are still gunning for the top spot and it will be particularly difficult to catch up on the tech industry as far as they are concerned.

Upgraded Mac iPad Manager Platinum

Aieesoft has recently announced that it has upgraded the Mac iPad Manager Platinum to be capable of running the new iOS 5. This new transferring software will enable users to import/export virtually all forms of data (local files, music, emails, movies etc.) from other iPads and Apple devices (iPhones and iPods), convert DVD/videos into iPad videos, etc.

The new transfer software has many advantages as well, as it is compatible with almost every iOS including the new iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Users will be able to download, convert and watch movies/videos online or from DVD in no time at all because of the improved conversion speed. Other benefits of this amazing new software include being able to create ringtones from popular movies, DVD and audio.avi files.

Since the release of the new iOS 5 updates on October 12, 2011, users experienced difficulty installing them in their devices which resulted in internal errors and while Macworld editors were able to update their devices without as much as a hitch, it was still particularly difficult for several others to accept the updates that incited complaints from customers. Fortunately with the advent of this recent upgrade all problems have already been set aside and with the added bonus of the processing speed cutting down on the time it would usually take for users to exchange and download files.

While the rumors of the iPad 3 are currently wreaking havoc on the media, it seems to have not tarnished the popularity of other Apple devices in any way, with sales still at an all time high during the holiday season and expected to continue all throughout the final days of the year and beyond, Apple is confident that with this new feature they will still be a few steps ahead of major competitors.

iPad 3 set to unveil in February

Various sources have recently been divulging information to news websites pertaining to the much anticipated iPad 3, which will supposedly be set to release on the day of Steve Jobs’ birthday on February 24 which is a Friday, or at least according to some versions of the rumor while others suspect that simply an annunciation of the product will transpire not an actual release.

Certain analysts however have stated that while the rumors are as of now uncertain, there is slight plausibility in the claim because Apple traditionally launches new products on that day.

While it may seem to be another fallacy, local Chinese language newspapers have reported it to be a fitting tribute to the late CEO and based on the information that has been given, local manufacturers of iPad 3 components will be heavily entrenched in production all throughout the Lunar Year in order to meet up with the deadline, with shipments expected to reach about 4 million upon initial release.

In addition, recent reports have revealed that sales of the iPad 2 were able to increase steadily during the Christmas holidays as opposed to earlier speculations that it would drop considerably due to the circulating rumors of the new tablet.

Still, dedicated users are still in fervent anticipation of the new iPad and have already speculated on its design specs like a higher resolution camera, the much awaited personal assistant SIri, a fully functional retina scan, the A5 processor (with the A6 coming much later) and a thicker body by about 7 mm (while many state it to be thinner).

Google is also expected to release their own tablet; the Google Nexus, which they claim will be a formidable match to the iPad line of Apple’s tablets. This may also provide some feasibility to the rumors because it only stands to reason for the company to catch up with major competitions.

Remember that this is still pure speculation and subject to debate, which is why all that you can do is wait and be patient. Don’t pull your hair out or waste your time and hard earned cash for something that still isn’t there yet.

TouchFire blazes iPad

Since its inception, the iPad has garnered an impressive following upon its initial release on April 3, 2010 in the United States. Today, many people are utilizing it in various applications below and beyond its intended usage. It is even looked upon as an equivalent to a laptop just as much as it is a touchpad, but due to its rather questionable keypad function many tend to overlook it in favor of the more practical laptop.

This is what inspired Steve Isaacs; a Seattle-based software designer who has worked with tablets before at Go Corporation, to create a new way on how to maximize the usability of the iPad‘s keypad function without suffering from flaws like unresponsive keys and discomfort. Now, you may deem the application of a silicone keypad as a rather redundant addition to an already remarkable device because of there being similar products already being sold at the market, but Isaacs specifically designed his to be able to bypass almost all of the aforementioned drawbacks by functioning as a regular keyboard and not just a plain simulation.

Isaacs and his partner Brad Melmon first proposed the project to Kickstarter; an online threshold pledge system that funds various creative projects and although it was rejected at first, a video demonstration was able to gain acceptance and thus enabling both men to raise the funds necessary to fully realize the prototype. They started off with an initial line of products for the backers which raised a total estimate of $201,400 by a week’s end, which was 10 times more than the intended goal of $10,000.

Isaac recently promoted his product further at The Associated Press’ San Francisco office at which he further explained its characteristics; the bumps on the underside of the keys which provide adequate resistance for the pressure applied by the fingers and the avoidance of unnecessary text which happens when applying even a little stress to the touchpad keys on the bare screen which sometimes occurs.

It has attained favor from various iPad users and other Kickstarter clients like Marci Liroff who is a Los Angeles based acting director that has vouched for its usability and convenience. In addition, it has garnered additional support from the media; describing the experience comparable to that of using an actual physical keyboard.

Some people however, are not all that convinced; specifically Ken Dulaney of Gartner Research, who has expressed skepticism over the TouchFire by citing its redundancy over the myriad of other keyboard variants for the iPad already available in the market.

Regardless, Steve Isaac remains firm and undeterred over the potential of his creation, seeing it as a revolutionary innovation that will improve the iPad in a way that would make even Steve Jobs himself proud.

iPad Rumor Wars

The rumors surrounding the iPad 3 have certainly taken the tech community by storm as of recent and will probably continue by the rest of next year; unless Apple indeed releases such a device, let’s not also forget about the one concerning the 7-inch iPad tablet with will presumably be launched within the same time frame (depending on the rumor). There are even many skeptics denouncing these rumors, and analysts who either accept it or just kick it along the curb along with all the other tech frauds.

Still, the possibility of devices even existing or; more precisely yet to exist, is stimulating enough for people to spread the word around. Regardless if it is fact, fiction or an over exaggeration that has gone awry, there is no telling what exactly will transpire within the confines of Apple as there are various leaks and sources that have given rise to the probability that it will come to light.

The future of Apple is ambiguous at best, especially after the untimely passing of their esteemed CEO Steve Jobs, yet they continue to thrive and in this rather chaotic economy. This is made even more challenging with various big names taking up the tablet industry with their own unique design and gimmicks.

However, the main thing to understand that nothing is quite sure yet, as everything will expected to be enlightened during 2012. Many manufacturers are already undergoing production, with the work load having risen in response to the demand as well as the rumors; but most of this is just leaked information to various news sites and blogs.

Numerous sites and blogs are already getting in on the act, with each having their own variation of the rumors and their own revisions, while some are denouncing, while others are not; it’s getting completely nutty!

Still, let us not solely depend on rumors because there is still the possibility of Apple further elevating their products to even greater heights than ever before; the key to that is patience.

iPad mini: Fact or Fiction

With the persistent escalation of the iPad 3 rumors comes another creative caricature in the form of the iPad mini, which was popularized by the Kindle Fire tablet which is only 7.85 inches compared to the regular sized iPad.

After this, the web has been swarmed with entries, articles, and even photos pertaining to this rumor which has attracted quite a following. Still, like any rumor there is bound to be something to debunk it; like the various statistical facts surrounding the iPad.

Let’s look at the most obvious; the screen size, which has been confirmed by Apple to be at a standard of at least 10 inches. This is also because of the device’s interior and various features, which would be excluded if the size was ever diminished.

It is also quite redundant, as the company has also compared similarities with it in their line of iPhones if they ever proceeded with such an alteration. The late CEO Steve Jobs has also expressed distaste over the design by referring to 7-inch tablets as “tweeners”; too small to be tablets and too big to be Smartphones. According to Amazon, Kindle tablets sales skyrocketed in the subsequent weeks since its release to about 1 million at $199.00, which is far less than the retail price of the Apple iPad and iPad 2 altogether.

The iPad mini is supposedly set to be released somewhere around late 2012 with production beginning at the end of following year’s next quarter, as stated by DigiTimes (yes, DigiTimes). It is apparently a response to the ever growing competition with other software companies, particularly the aforementioned Kindle tablet, making this claim feasible at best.

However, several tech experts and analysts have expressed their skepticism over such a device even reaching the shelves of Apple stores, but with the company under new management and the demand of it continuously rising, the concept is not that farfetched; with prices speculated to reach $200 to $300 at least.