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Kindle Fire gets Serv-U

Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet has recently been implemented by RhinoSoft with the Serv-U FTP Server, allowing users to access their files anywhere and anytime using this new web-based mobile interface. With the popularity of the tablet ever growing, developers couldn’t help but seize this incredible opportunity of developing new and inviting software to revolutionize the user experience and gain a substantial profit from the holiday spoils.

With the advent of the New Year, it is only a matter of time for new technology to emerge and settle an even bigger competition for companies like Amazon, which is why RhinoSoft was able to create this software to give Kindle Fire an even game with the iPad, iPad 2 and their upcoming successor the iPad 3.

This new software is a mobile version of their already existent Serv-U web transfer interface which has made use of the tablet more flexible for users who still need to plug their device into an OS just to upload, delete or even download files, which they can already do remotely with a secured protocol. It is also relatively fast, with all access being controlled by Serv-U administrators or inherited Active Directory permissions where all transfers can be encrypted using 128-bit or 256-bit HTTPS.

“Right now, Serv-U is about the only secure file transfer server committed to supporting mobile devices such as the Kindle Fire,” said Jonathan Lampe, Chief Analyst at File Transfer Consulting. “Whether it’s IPv6 support, 64-bit performance or news about Kindle Fire, I’ve grown to expect innovation from Serv-U.”

Serv-U also supports secure transfers and online document viewing on other mobile devices such as Apple’s iPod, iPad, iPhone and even Google Android phones; with additional support for mobile-based administrations planned for the following year of 2012. This is quite beneficial considering how busy people are today, especially when it comes to entrepreneurs who have no time even for a quick plug-in.

Smartphones Becoming a Hazard

The iPhone, iPad and Android have proven their worth as extremely invaluable and convenient mediums for communication, interaction, entertainment and recreation. However, these remarkable innovations is beginning to have an unforeseen repercussion as many doctors are beginning to divide their attention between work and their devices, which is seriously meddling with their focus.

Due to the overwhelming barrage of messages, texts and emails, doctors are partially becoming inattentive towards their occupation; especially towards patients, which has garnered concern from various critics and even other medical practitioners. Approximately 80%; according to the surveys, of doctors have their Smartphones with them at all times and about a third of them use iPads and other tablet computers.

It is because of this that the awareness of using Smartphones in hospitals has been realized as a legitimate hazard for both parties. Even their dependence has now become adequately centered on the use of their devices for providing information regarding treatment references in lectures, discussions and even regular consultations with patients, which has made it equally difficult for them to either turn off or separate themselves from them.

Many are also applying them for their daily activities in their work place like accessing hospital files through Wi-Fi, surfing the web and even on rare occasions, upload video lectures/demonstrations pertaining to medical information and treatments.

Another factor contributing to this matter is because of the sheer unpredictability of exactly what kind of messages (updates, apps, downloads, etc.) are received on a daily basis; whether it is going to be important or not, which makes it irresistible for people to check on their phones every once in a while. Considering the nature of their profession, this is nothing but credible yet at the same time dangerous.

If this behavior persists, there is no telling exactly what this will lead to or if there is ever going to a downside to this, but considering this information has only been based on a survey only time will tell if this is even a cause for real concern, although there is much credence to this.

Kick-off Gadgets of 2012

The past year has been unprecedentedly fruitful for various tech corporations like Apple and Google, two of the most influential companies in the tech industry that have taken the world into a whole new generation of communication and interaction, and with this year comes in new flavors that will not only entice your taste buds for new gizmos and gadgets, but will also give you various radical applications of your devices farther than their intended design, which is more than can be said at the very least.

To start off, here is an accessory that will simplify portable gaming for Apple devices and will also boast familiarity for enthusiastic gamers; the 60beat GamePad. It is compatible with any iOS and very much resembles the PlayStation Dual Shock controls that many people are accustomed with. In fact, it comes with dual-analogue joysticks, a D-Pad, 10 action buttons along with 3 menu buttons and a standard 3.5mm audio connector. Once plugged-in, it will piggyback off of the iOS’ battery, so no need for a separate power source.

Western Digital has recently released a new application that will convert your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and even Android-powered devices into an advanced feature remote control for a WD TV. This can be an amazingly helpful app to ease the method of browsing through various digital media and features of the WD TV similar to the real standard remote and it will only take simple hand gestures to get the job done. To make it even simpler is the addition of the Qwerty keyboard support for text entries and search functionalities, making it more diverse and convenient for a more comfortable viewing experience.

Next is the LG Prada 3.0, the latest in LG’s line of Smartphones to be released this January of 2012. It will hit stores in Asia and Europe and is said to be marketed at the approximate price of Rs. 42,315 (USD 778). It is apparently an improved version of their previous models both in appearance and functionality. Sleek and ridiculously sexy, the handset has the signature Saffiano pattern on the back with a super slim 8.5mm chassis, minimal hardkeys and a classic black finish for an exceptionally striking aesthetic appearance. As for its functions, it runs on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS with 8GB of internal memory and comes with a 4.3-inch WVGA resolution (800 by 480 pixels) touch-screen at 800 nits of brightness.Finally, an 8-megapixel screen resolution for an excellent viewing experience.

This is but a fraction of what the world is going to experience for the rest of the year head-on, and with the flourishing of technology still at a constant pace, it isn’t going to end anytime soon.

E-Books: New Era of Reading

The rising popularity of E-Reading has certainly made an impression in the recent years, and with the Tablet industry constantly advancing it will only be a matter time before the ink-and-paper era will be severely outclassed.

Creative Strategies president and principal analyst Tim Bajarin had this to say on the matter, “It is only a matter of time before we stop killing trees and all publications become digital,” which is quite intriguing considering the precarious condition the environment is in as of recent.

Many companies have already implemented E-Books into their tablets, like the Kindle Fire of Amazon, Sony Tablets, Entourage and even the popular Apple iPad 2. This is a slow but promising turning point at which people will be able to read and intake information. By the next decade, Bajarin believes that tablets would render print obsolete and then everything would become digital.

However, there are just as many assets as there are liabilities to this concept because of the backlash that it could inflict in various businesses and industries; particularly those in newspapers and magazines, which has been pointed out by many analysts.

This is quite the contrary for Bajarin as he states that it will only provide more new opportunities for publishers to further expand their place in the economy. He even dismisses the myth that it would abolish the print book industry, noting that it will only provide publishers more ground to attract more readers; because even if they do turn to E-Reading it would still count as their own publications.

News articles are already being uploaded for E-Reading, which News Corp. had done with their publication The Daily, as many other newspapers both big and small have improved mobile websites by investing on tablets.

By the next decade, we may have already gone past the ink-and-paper era, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely gone. It could also radically alter the education system, because instead of paper back books, we could already be using the tablet as our only source of research and just think of how much this is going to improve the environment for generations more to come.

iPhone 4S all set for Chinese New Year

Apple has announced that the much coveted iPhone 4S is already set to be launched to China on January 23, 2012 which is also the Chinese New Year. This is will not only mark Apple’s opportunity for a more diverse market, but it will also give Chinese consumers and iOS users alike a chance to experience the new features that are not found on its predecessor like the popular personal assistant Siri.

The iPhone 4S has already broken records by being the fastest spreading Smartphone all over the world by reaching far as Russia, Taiwan, Brazil and many other aside from the recent induction of  Colombia and India into the mix (although Siri has difficulty understanding the accent of the latter). China is but another opportunity for new possibilities for Apple to further escalate their influence and rake in even more revenues as the Chinese are expected to welcome it with much enthusiasm.

Telecommunications Companies will also bask in the success via the multitude of subscribers that will inevitably rain in as buyers will activate their devices, with China Unicorn (CHU) being the only official carrier within the country that will make remarkable progress reminiscent of AT&T.

This has also spurned fast competition from other rivals like China Mobile (CM) which boasts three times more subscribers than China Unicorn and is confident that they will gain an even bigger backlash as millions of potential subscribers will inevitably connect with them in the following months, which by that time will 4G speeds be implemented. The company chairman Wang Jianzhou has also voiced his opinion, saying that they received a positive response from Apple regarding the TD-LTE Phone.

As far as Siri is concerned, Apple admittedly stated that; as of the moment, it still does not support any other language other than English, French and German but will eventually in the following year, especially the fact that China has both Mandarin and Cantonese as active languages; with the former being the most dominant.

Apple is still the dominant force in the mobile phone industry, with its fiscal 2011 revenue making up 12% of sales which is even more than the 9% in 2009, which only stands as a testament that there are still latent opportunities in China just waiting to be explored.

‘Tis the season for Apple and Android

Now you may have read on a previous report that sales of the iPad 2 would slightly plummet because of the iPad 3 rumors, but that didn’t stop Christmas shoppers from storming Apple stores clear across the country and filling out their holiday wish lists. Indeed, the record of Apple and Google Android gadgets that were opened and activated that day reached a staggering number of 6.8 million, which drastically outweighed the previous record of 2.8 million.

Vendors were absolutely buzzing with enthusiasm of the surprising turning point at which sales sky rocketed in just one day. Consumers wasted no time in downloading apps and games which came to a rough estimate of 242 million which is 125 percent more compared to last year which was tallied by Flurry Analytics although they didn’t offer any specific statistics between both parties of Apple and Google.

Still, this was considered a successful Yule Tide season for these two Companies as they attained high revenues; Apple naturally scored a 26% increase in their sales while Google’s soared to 7.8% of stock after a 52-week trailblazer.

Still, where there are winners there are bound to be losers and these unlucky schmucks just happen to fit the bill; Blackberry and Microsoft, whose shares fell down a whopping 78% and 6.7% respectively, which is sad really considering this was such a promising time of year for them. A rough estimation of the apps downloaded from Apple this year was 10 billion, which is speculated to be outclassed by Google by the end of the month.

As if that wasn’t enough, iOS fans were heralded by an announcement from Apple that the much awaited iPad 3 would be able to see the light of day of Feb. 24 which also happens to be Steve Job’s birthday and if memory serves right, is also a Friday which is by tradition the day in which the Company usually initiate new releases.