Are You Ready for Super Saturday?

Just because you didn’t find a hot sale price on everything that’s on your holiday shopping list on Black Friday or Cyber Monday doesn’t mean that all the deals are over. There’s one more big shopping day coming up and retailers are planning to take advantage of it!

The last Saturday before Christmas has become known as Super Saturday and the analytics firm ShopperTalk expects both sales and traffic for this date to beat those of Black Friday. While Black Friday 2014 racked up an impressive $9.1 billion in sales, Super Saturday, which this year falls on December 20, is expected to beat that figure with sales of $10 billion.

ShopperTrak founder Bill Martin credits the high hopes for Super Saturday to “a favorable calendar position.” Coming five days before Christmas makes Super Saturday the last hurrah for many shoppers who realize they have to wind up their shopping ASAP and better settle for the sale prices they’re finding rather than hoping for better ones.

So what does this mean for bargain-hunting shoppers? For one thing, you’re not likely to see the kind of big storewide promotions that marked Black Friday but can expect to see deep discounts on certain items. You’re less likely to see major deals on TVs, so you may be looking at the lowest prices of 2014 during what’s left of Cyber Week.

Also, the best places to shop on Super Saturday will be retailers with both a physical and online presence like Target, Walmart, Sears, Kmart, Kohl’s, JCPenney and Macy’s.

The two categories where shoppers can expect deep Super Saturday discounts are apparel and holiday decorations. Both have limited shelf lives and retailers would like to see them off their shelves by Christmas Day.

Buying decorations for as much as 75% off has become a day-after-Christmas tradition but you need adequate storage space to stash the stuff until next year. Those big discounts make the most sense for expensive items like fancy wreathes that you can pick up for practically nothing in the days just before and after Christmas.

The other category is winter apparel, which retailers are already marking down drastically in hopes of clearing it all out to make room for the spring collections coming after the first of the year. This month is a great time to pick up items you can use all year long, like tees, hoodies, jeans and boots, all at super low prices.

Super Saturday is already sounding, well, super.