Order Up on the iPad

It’s like people are using the iPad for everything nowadays; from credit card readers to a haunted house special effects machine. The most recent convenience that the iPad has had the liberty of “serving” to people today would be a high-tech restaurant menu. Even though we still aren’t completely away from the in-and-paper era just yet, a quaint little restaurant in Chapel Hill, N.C. that goes by the name of CholaNad has already thought of a way to cut back on its paper consumption and attract a younger generation of customers.

The waiters there are equipped with iPads and iPods which are uploaded with the entire catalogue of the restaurant’s menu where a customer can browse through them easily and need only to point out their order and implement it via the touchscreen where the waiter then wirelessly feeds the info to a second iPad that is with the kitchen, avoiding ineligible handwriting in the process.

Subash Panneerseluam, ChoaNad’s chef, has praised this new system for it reducing the chances of wrong orders and having a more environmental ring to it because of the reduction on the use of paper notes and other waste related material. He paid the retail price for the two iPads and ten iPods himself; with an additional $2,000 for the software license. He intends to make up for the cost on the post benefits the new system will entail.

The National Restaurant Association’s senior vice president of research Hudson Riehle, said that the rising transition of restaurants going digital can be attributed to trying improving the profit margins in economy sensitive industry.

“You’ll definitely see more technology usage in restaurants in the years ahead,” Riehle predicted.

Another innovative app can be found with Hospitality Social which is for all of those other restaurants that are beginning to take an interest in going digital, which is an extensive list of wine and cocktail listings and pairings; with the menu still being in the midst of expanding.

Hospitality Social’s CEO Jack Serfass, has stated that interactive features ultimately enhance the guest’s experience, which can lead to repeat sales for a restaurant. “If you have a choice of a paper menu in a dark restaurant that’s hard to read and an interactive menu, your experience is going to be much better with an interactive menu,” Serfass said.