More Hatchimals Headed for Target Stores

Good news for harried parents as the most endangered species of the 2016 holiday shopping season will be making an appearance at a Target store near you this weekend! For a limited time, the Hatchimals are back, at least as long as this batch lasts.

Starting Sunday morning, Target stores nationwide will have a new shipment of the sought-after interactive toy including the Target exclusive Bearakeet. The good news is that Target will be selling the Hatchimals for just $59.99 each. The bad news is that lines are already forming outside some Target stores as frantic parents continue their quest for the year’s hottest and rarest toy.

The Hatchimal is a speckled egg that hatches into a virtual pet that will grow with care and training. Unlike a real pet, it will not die or run away if you neglect it. There are enough kids clamoring for this experience to drive prices up to over $200 each on Amazon and eBay.

Target’s corporate blog A Bullseye View leaked the news that beginning on Sunday, December 11, each Target store in the U.S. will be receiving dozens of Hatchimals with more coming during the week. Will this be enough to cure the nationwide Hatchimal drought of 2016?

If all else fails, Hatchimal-themed gift cards will be available for purchase in Target toy departments that can be cashed in on one of the toys when more stock is expected after the first of the year. Hopefully, the child will not have moved on to desiring another toy by then.

This is hardly the first time that seemingly every kid in the country decided that he or she wanted the exact same toy for Christmas, causing empty aisles in stores and panic among parents. Decades ago, it was Beanie Babies and Cabbage Patch Kids. This year it’s the Hatchimal.

If you’re one of the parents planning to camp out in a Target parking lot for the next few days, dress warm and practice your self-defense moves.