iPad Rumor Wars

The rumors surrounding the iPad 3 have certainly taken the tech community by storm as of recent and will probably continue by the rest of next year; unless Apple indeed releases such a device, let’s not also forget about the one concerning the 7-inch iPad tablet with will presumably be launched within the same time frame (depending on the rumor). There are even many skeptics denouncing these rumors, and analysts who either accept it or just kick it along the curb along with all the other tech frauds.

Still, the possibility of devices even existing or; more precisely yet to exist, is stimulating enough for people to spread the word around. Regardless if it is fact, fiction or an over exaggeration that has gone awry, there is no telling what exactly will transpire within the confines of Apple as there are various leaks and sources that have given rise to the probability that it will come to light.

The future of Apple is ambiguous at best, especially after the untimely passing of their esteemed CEO Steve Jobs, yet they continue to thrive and in this rather chaotic economy. This is made even more challenging with various big names taking up the tablet industry with their own unique design and gimmicks.

However, the main thing to understand that nothing is quite sure yet, as everything will expected to be enlightened during 2012. Many manufacturers are already undergoing production, with the work load having risen in response to the demand as well as the rumors; but most of this is just leaked information to various news sites and blogs.

Numerous sites and blogs are already getting in on the act, with each having their own variation of the rumors and their own revisions, while some are denouncing, while others are not; it’s getting completely nutty!

Still, let us not solely depend on rumors because there is still the possibility of Apple further elevating their products to even greater heights than ever before; the key to that is patience.