iPad mini: Fact or Fiction

With the persistent escalation of the iPad 3 rumors comes another creative caricature in the form of the iPad mini, which was popularized by the Kindle Fire tablet which is only 7.85 inches compared to the regular sized iPad.

After this, the web has been swarmed with entries, articles, and even photos pertaining to this rumor which has attracted quite a following. Still, like any rumor there is bound to be something to debunk it; like the various statistical facts surrounding the iPad.

Let’s look at the most obvious; the screen size, which has been confirmed by Apple to be at a standard of at least 10 inches. This is also because of the device’s interior and various features, which would be excluded if the size was ever diminished.

It is also quite redundant, as the company has also compared similarities with it in their line of iPhones if they ever proceeded with such an alteration. The late CEO Steve Jobs has also expressed distaste over the design by referring to 7-inch tablets as “tweeners”; too small to be tablets and too big to be Smartphones. According to Amazon, Kindle tablets sales skyrocketed in the subsequent weeks since its release to about 1 million at $199.00, which is far less than the retail price of the Apple iPad and iPad 2 altogether.

The iPad mini is supposedly set to be released somewhere around late 2012 with production beginning at the end of following year’s next quarter, as stated by DigiTimes (yes, DigiTimes). It is apparently a response to the ever growing competition with other software companies, particularly the aforementioned Kindle tablet, making this claim feasible at best.

However, several tech experts and analysts have expressed their skepticism over such a device even reaching the shelves of Apple stores, but with the company under new management and the demand of it continuously rising, the concept is not that farfetched; with prices speculated to reach $200 to $300 at least.