iPad 3 set to unveil in February

Various sources have recently been divulging information to news websites pertaining to the much anticipated iPad 3, which will supposedly be set to release on the day of Steve Jobs’ birthday on February 24 which is a Friday, or at least according to some versions of the rumor while others suspect that simply an annunciation of the product will transpire not an actual release.

Certain analysts however have stated that while the rumors are as of now uncertain, there is slight plausibility in the claim because Apple traditionally launches new products on that day.

While it may seem to be another fallacy, local Chinese language newspapers have reported it to be a fitting tribute to the late CEO and based on the information that has been given, local manufacturers of iPad 3 components will be heavily entrenched in production all throughout the Lunar Year in order to meet up with the deadline, with shipments expected to reach about 4 million upon initial release.

In addition, recent reports have revealed that sales of the iPad 2 were able to increase steadily during the Christmas holidays as opposed to earlier speculations that it would drop considerably due to the circulating rumors of the new tablet.

Still, dedicated users are still in fervent anticipation of the new iPad and have already speculated on its design specs like a higher resolution camera, the much awaited personal assistant SIri, a fully functional retina scan, the A5 processor (with the A6 coming much later) and a thicker body by about 7 mm (while many state it to be thinner).

Google is also expected to release their own tablet; the Google Nexus, which they claim will be a formidable match to the iPad line of Apple’s tablets. This may also provide some feasibility to the rumors because it only stands to reason for the company to catch up with major competitions.

Remember that this is still pure speculation and subject to debate, which is why all that you can do is wait and be patient. Don’t pull your hair out or waste your time and hard earned cash for something that still isn’t there yet.