iPad 3 cripples iPad 2 Christmas Sales

The escalating rumors of the iPad 3 have been coursing through the web since they started on the early month of July. According to the rumor released by the DigiTimes based in Taipei, the iPad 3 will be released in 2012; specifically between March and April, and will have even more features than its predecessor.

The concept video of it has already been uploaded on Youtube and shared throughout various sites and blogs, along with many variations of the rumor itself going around such channels as well. While it may come off as a hoax to some, many hardcore tech savvies are already on the prowl for any possible leads to its actual release date or if it is even legitimate at all to begin with.

Regardless, the rumors have already begun to take effect, particularly on the decision making of whether consumers even want to purchase the device or not, and because of the sheer redundancy behind it several Apple enthusiasts aren’t even bothering to put it on their wish list on the basis that the iPad 3 will surpass it, making this claim all the more reasonable.

A related incident started during the circulation of the iPhone 5 rumors where sales of the iPhone 4 faced a similar dilemma during the summer, although most of the tension was alleviated when the iPhone 4S was released on October 14, 2011 at the United States.

As such, it is only natural during this critical time of the holidays that many malls, vendors and tech shops face a slight drawback on sales surrounding the iPad 2, despite the fact that the Christmas holidays is usually the time where business is at its highest.

The agonizing truth behind this rumor however; is that nobody is really sure. There are already several hundred articles speaking of the iPad 3 regarding its appearance, size, features, price, etc. that there really is no irrefutable certainty that it will even come to light. Although keep in mind that when it comes to Apple, there is always the possibility.