Hot Tech Gifts Under $100

Practically everyone loves looking at all the latest tech items like gaming consoles and interactive toys but most of them are pretty pricey. Here are a few fun tech toys for both kids and adults that make great gifts at $100 or less.

Nintendo 2DS

Unlike large gaming consoles that cost hundreds of dollars and require a batch of accessories, the Nintendo 2DS is palm-sized and can go anywhere. Great for passing the time while on a plane or just waiting, this tiny console sells for just $99.

Streaming TV

If someone you know is addicted to Netflix or Hulu but does not have a smart TV, a streaming device will be a welcome gift. There are several available for $100 or less including the Roku+ for $100 and Amazon’s Fire TV bundle for $90. Even cheaper is the Google Chromecast Ultra starting at $69.


Drones are one of the hottest toys of the year for kids and grownups who love to play at being kids again. The Syma X5C Explorers drone sells for under $60 while the Air Hogs Ultimate Millennium Falcon Quad drone is about $80. Walmart has the Extreme Ready-to-Fly Quadcopter drone for $69.99 and several more drones for under $100.

Wireless speakers

Amazon has a ton of these like the Echo Dot for just $49.99. Even cheaper are the Cambridge Soundworks wireless Bluetooth speaker for $27.99 and the Doss Touch wireless Bluetooth portable speaker for $34.99. A best seller with great reviews, the Anker Premium stereo Bluetooth speaker is just $50.99.

Virtual Reality headsets

These are one of the hottest gift ideas for this year, mostly because not that many of us have them yet and the gadgets are available at a variety of price points . The LANIAKEA VR headset with magnetic front cover and adjustable focal is just $30.99 on Amazon while Walmart has the new EVO Next VR headset with Bluetooth controller for $29.99.