Early Black Friday Deals to Grab Right Now!

Black Friday is officially a few days away but the deals have already started! Here are some Black Friday sales you can check out right now or this week, with a slew of deals on the newest (and most expensive) Samsung smartphones.


Microsoft may have a rather stodgy image but the corporate giant has some pretty cool stuff at Black Friday prices on its website. Right now, MS is offering $150 discounts on a pair of hot new smartphones. Both are unlocked so you can use them on the carrier of your choice, providing it’s compatible so check this out before you buy. The Samsung Galaxy S8 regularly selling for $574.99 is discounted to $424.99 while the $824.99 Samsung Galaxy S8+ is going for $674.99.

These are great prices considering that you’re not locked into a carrier contract and can use the phone on a lower cost service like Consumer Cellular and be free to make changes in your plan whenever you please. If you’re looking to get a top-of-the-line smartphone and keep it for more than two years, buying a non-subsidized phone up front and choosing a cheaper carrier can be cost-effective in the long run.

Microsoft has more Black Friday deals that go live on Thursday, November 23, so you can check these out before sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner. Get $329 off the Surface Pro tablet (Intel Core i5/256GB SSD) bundled with black cover. This tab currently sells for $1,299 alone but the bundle is not currently available on the site. Hopefully they will have more stock by Thursday!

Get $100 of the Harman Kardon Invoke smart speaker with Cortana. This speaker is currently selling for $199.99 in graphite or pearl silver. There are less expensive smart speakers out there but this one comes with cool features like 360-degree sound, voice-activated music, hands-free calls with Skype and free Skype calling from the US to Canada and Mexico.

Microsoft will be discounting the Fitbit Charge 2 fitness band by $50. This fitness device sells for $179.99 just about everywhere but you should find lots of lower prices this Black Friday.

The Alcatel Idol 4S Windows Phone will be marked down from $199 to $169. This phone originally sold for $470 and has impressive specs like a 5.5” AMOLED display. 21MP low light camera. 64GB storage and VR goggle package. It’s unlocked and compatible with GSM carriers so you can take it to a budget carrier for lower monthly bills. On the negative side, it runs Windows 10 and Windows phones haven’t gotten a lot of love from consumers so their future is uncertain. Still, if you don’t mind Windows and need a new phone ASAP, $169 is a good price for a 5.5” smartphone.

Happy Plugs Earbud Plus with 3.5mm jack and built-in microphone for calls will be marked down from $29.99 to $19.99. These stylish in-ear headphones come in a variety of colors.

The Microsoft Store offers free shipping on all orders in the US and free returns within 30 days.


A couple of days ago we challenged AT&T and Sprint to match T-Mobile’s BOGO deals on smartphones and Sprint has responded with half-off lease deals on just about every Android phone worth buying this year.

For Black Friday, Sprint will be offering 50% off lease payments for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8, plus a half-off lease on the Moto Z2 Force.

These deals require you to join Sprint’s leasing program Sprint Flex, which allows customers to pay a monthly fee for the use of a new smartphone. That means you will never actually own the phone and can’t take it to a cheaper carrier after it’s paid for. It also means that you have to give it back if you miss a payment, leave Sprint or upgrade to a new phone. Still, this is a pretty good deal if you want to have the latest top-of-the-line smartphone without paying hundreds of dollars up front. Best of all, if you take advantage of this deal, you’ll be eligible for Sprint’s Galaxy Forever program, which allows you to upgrade to an even newer device every year without an extra charge.

This Sprint deal includes the Samsung Galaxy S8 for $15.62 per month, Samsung Galaxy S8+ for $17.71 per month, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for $20 per month and Samsung Galaxy S8 Active for $17.71 per month.

For the smartphone user who always wants the newest and the hottest, this is a very good deal.


Speaking of Samsung, the Android smartphone leader has not one but two Black Friday sales to check out on its site. The first is going on right now, while the official Black Friday sale kicks off on Thanksgiving.

The Samsung online store is currently offering up to $300 off the price of a brand new Galaxy Note 8 when you trade in your old phone. Obviously, the newer and pricier the old phone, the higher your discount. If you’ve been lusting after the Note 8 and have a recent smartphone you’d like to trade in, this is a good chance to upgrade without paying full price.

If you’re planning to set up a home theater in your living room or man cave, you can find sweet deals right now at Samsung.com. The Samsung 65” MU6290 4K UHD TV is on sale for $1,099, which is pretty good for a name-brand TV this size. Add the Samsung HW-K850 soundbar with Dolby Atmos support for $799 and you’ll have a killer home theater or live-in sports bar for under $2,000. Prices are good through Wednesday and shipping is free.

There are more deals coming up starting Thursday including discounts on new QLED TVs. Items to look for include up to $300 off the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with trade-in, the Samsung Chromebook PLus for $349, the Samsung Chromebook Pro for $449, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 for $479, the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier for $279 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8” 16GB for $129.

Now for those TVs. A Samsung 65” 4K UHD TV will be on sale for $849, a 55” model for $429 and a 49” model for $429. See Samsung.com for details.


Want a shiny new Samsung smartphone but don’t have an old phone worth trading in? At Target you can get a $300 in-store gift card with your purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ or Samsung Galaxy Note 8. You’re sure to find lots of things on sale that you can use that gift card for!


If the latest Samsung smartphone just isn’t in your budget this year, Walmart is cutting $200 off the price of the Galaxy S7 on Straight Talk Wireless from $499 to $299. If you don’t want to be locked into an expensive contract with one of the major carriers, this Black Friday deal lets you get a newish smartphone for a great price with (almost) no strings.

So is it better to buy now or wait until later in the week? If you see a really super duper deal on one of the items on your wish list, why not grab it while you can?