Don’t Let Porch Pirates Ruin Your Cyber Monday

Next to the thrill of scoring a great deal, the most fun part of Cyber Monday is getting your package. Unfortunately, there’s a special breed of grinch out there ready to ruin your fun. A “Porch Pirate” is a thief that specializes in stealing packages from the homes of unsuspecting people but there are ways to outwit them.

Track your packages

Your order number at the site where you made your purchase should hook you up with a tracking number for Fedex, UPS, etc. Keep up with the whereabouts of all outstanding packages and notice what date and time they will be delivered. If you’re going to be home at that time, watch for your package and bring it inside immediately.

You can inform your delivery service that you would like to be notified when any packages arrive, by phone or message. Try putting a note on your door requesting that delivery people knock or ring the bell rather than just dumping the package on your doorstep.

Bring packages in right away

If you live in a large apartment or condo complex, delivery people may drop off packages by the mailboxes, where some of them sit for days. Check every day for deliveries and bring them inside promptly.

Have it sent to a secure location

If you aren’t sure if you will be home or have had theft problems in the past, have your packages delivered to a secure location like your work or the Fedex/UPS office. A place where you have to sign for the package is almost certain to be safer than your front porch.

Watch out for neighbors

Get to know your neighbors so you can watch out for each other. You can’t all be home 24/7 so everyone will be safer if the whole neighborhood is on the lookout for suspicious activity like an unfamiliar car cruising the street and stopping to snatch packages off porches!

Get video cameras

Have one positioned on your front porch to record any criminal activity. Videos are very helpful to law enforcement when they’re on the trail of a porch pirate.