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Walmart Has Limited Selection of iPads

Before getting in that long line at your local Walmart, be aware that the chain may not be stocking the exact model you’re looking for. AppleInsider is reporting that Apple is rationing its supply of the third-generation iPad to retailers, with the discount chain getting just three of the nine models. On launch day, Walmart has only the 16GB Wi-Fi, 32GB Wi-Fi and 64GB AT&T LTE 4G models of the popular tablet.

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Walmart to Lower Grocery Prices

If your bill at the grocer store has been getting bigger, Walmart is about to offer some relief. With most households taking a hit in the pocketbook from the ongoing recession, lower food prices at the discount giant could lure even more customers away from the major grocery giants. Walmart is determined to regain its image as the low-price leader in the face of competition from dollar stores and discount grocery chains.

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Walmart Launches Disc-to-Digital Service

If you’ve ever wished you could watch your favorite DVD movie on your iPhone or iPad, Walmart has a deal for you. Today the chain unveiled its “disc-to-digital” service that allows customers to pay a small fee for unlimited online access to the films they already own on DVD or Blu-ray. All you have to do is get your discs over to the nearest Walmart and pay $2 for online streaming of your movie in standard definition or $5 for high definition.

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Walmart Brings in the New Year with Great Deals

Walmart’s first weekly ad of 2012 has some really great deals that will help you kick off the New Year right. Among the winners of the 1/1/2012 Walmart ad: Xbox with Kinect, Wii, LG & HTC smartphones, cheap food, gym equipment and much more!

Page 1: Skin, Beauty, General Household items…

On the first page of their first weekly ad in 2012, Walmart introduces discounts on lotions, laundry detergent, Old Spice deodorant and Huggies diapers.

The best deals on page 1 include:
Old Spice High Endurance deodorant for $4.27
Huggies or Pampers diapers for $24.94 per box
“Select lotions” (Jergens, Vaseline, Gold Bond) for $4.97 each

Page 2: Clothing

On the second page of their weekly ad, Walmart offers savings on men’s and women’s clothing.

The best deals on page 2 include:
Ladies’ Yoga Tank-top for $10 each
Danskin Now Ladies’ for $14.87 each
Men’s Dri-Star Compression Underwear and T-Shirts for $10 each (similar to Under Armor)
Men’s Wick Tee or Solid Active Shorts for $6.47 each
Men’s Balmar Sneakers for $10 each

Page 3: Fitness and Weight Training

On the third page of their ad, Walmart offers deals on a variety of personal fitness and weight training products.

The best deals on page 3 include:
ProForm Power 794 Treadmill for $777
Gold’s Gym Power Spin 390 Recumbent Bike for $247
Gold’s Gym XR 10.1 Olympic Bench for $117
Gold’s Gym 36 Inch Trampolines for 29.77 each
Gold’s Gym XRS 30 Home Gym for $197

For the rest of the Walmart 1/1/2012-1/7/2012 deals check out the full ad.

“After-Christmas Sales” at, Walmart, Best Buy

Popular retailers, Best Buy and Walmart will hold their annual “After-Christmas Sales” this year, starting on December 26th (the day after Christmas). This year, prices will drop to unimaginable lows and shoppers will have the opportunity to pick up that “special something” that they didn’t get in their stocking or under the tree.

The After-Christmas Sales ads will be released or leaked sometime in the next two weeks and from the looks of the current “Christmas deals” that are up now, the After-Christmas deals will be amazing this year. is offering LG BD630 Blu-ray Players for only $59.98 (reduced from $119.99), ASUS G53SW-XA1 Gaming Laptop for only $899.99 (reduced from $1,299.99) and “Sony L Series VPCL232FX/B 24” Flat Screen TVs for only $949.99 (reduced from $1,099.99).

You can see all of’s annual Christmas sales at

Walmart is offering the 8GB iPod Touch by Apple for only $184, Nintendo DSi Value Bundles for $159 and Tablet PCs for only $99.

You can see all of Walmart’s annual Christmas sales at

Best Buy is offering free shipping on everything they sell through 11 AM on December 20th. The Best Buy “Wrap it Up Sale” features Toshiba 46″ 1080p HDTVs for only $599.99, Asus X54L-BBK4 Laptops for only $399.99 and 20% off on Energy Star Kitchen Appliances.

You can see all of Best Buy’s annual Christmas sales at Price Check App Shakes Up Retail World created a “Price Check” app for the iPhone and Android, which allows shoppers to scan the bar code of items they find in brick-and-mortar retail locations like Walmart and Best Buy in order to get 5% off on those same items on does not pay for expensive retail space, or employ an army of clerks and cashiers, so their prices on popular items are often lower than the competition to begin with–the 5% discount will continue to drop the already low prices and could be more than some retailers are able to compete with.

The amount shoppers can save on any given item with the Price Check app is $5. Retailers and related associations across the United States are calling foul on Amazon, stating that the new Price Check app gives an unfair advantage and “steals” business from brick-and-mortar retailers; this in turn hurts the local state economies that those brick-and-mortar retailers operate in, because the California based is not required to collect state taxes on purchases made by residents of states that doesn’t have a physical presence in.

Recent reports by ComScore state that 26% of shoppers use their mobile phones to scan bar codes and compare prices online. is capitalizing on this trend by not only showing consumers that they have lower prices, but offering them an additional discount as well. is also able to collect massive amounts of data from their competitors using the bar codes consumers scan, which will presumably aid their marketing efforts in the future.

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