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Google’s going for Kindle-sized tablet

Tech companies based in Hong Kong that develop components for major companies like Apple, Amazon and Google, have recently divulged hints  that the latter is going to release a 7 inch tablet similar to the Kindle Fire, which is quite the contrary to reports implying that Google was going to launch a similar product to compete with the iPad.

The following specs have been given according to the information leaked by various sources; it will come with a 7-inch panel, run on Android and will be sold at $200; which is about the same price as the Kindle Fire.

The  one thing that would make it a little bit more distinct from the Fire is that it will supposedly focus more on entertainment i.e. music, e-books, movies, etc. and unlike the iPad or the Samsung’s 10.1 Galaxy Tab, it will not be considered a viable laptop substitute.

Digitimes has even stated that instead of Apple, Google is going to try and duke it out with Amazon to surpass their small yet formidably popular product. The mere fact that a smaller tablet has proven to be a best-seller has critics and analysts from all sides wonder if this claim is even plausible, but given the circumstances it is quite likely.

In regards to the iPad 3, it is already under production at Apple’s Chinese suppliers and is expected to make its debut around springtime as opposed to February 24 which is Steve Jobs’ birthday. It is still unknown on what its base specs are, but many believe that it will have a Retina display similar to the iPhone but with a screen resolution higher than 2048×1536, and a quad-core processor as seen in many high-end laptops, although the latter is still debatable. Both are also speculated to ship at almost simultaneous times.

Google will need to pick up the pace if it is ever going to make any good time in today’s economy; especially given the fact that Apple still dominates the majority of the tablet market; with Amazon shortly in pursuit with over millions already sold since its initial release.

Kindle sets record straight for Amazon

The final half of the year has been surprisingly prosperous for Amazon with the distribution of their latest Kindle Fire tablet, which has had its fair share of popularity next to other notable tablets like the iPad. Due to their persevering (and rather heavy) advertising campaign, they were able to attract a veritable amount of publicity due to its uniqueness and convenience.

Admittedly, a 7.5 inch tablet was incredible enough even for the most pragmatic of tablet users and yet, it was enough to peak their interest. As such, sales of the Kindle Fire were able to reach an impressive rate that went up by the millions, which is quite a lot considering how it is able to fare against Apple devices. Records were made when the top 3 of Amazon’s sales chart were revealed with the Kindle Fire in the lead no less and with the Kindle Touch followed suit in second while the third spot was left for the non-Touch Kindle e-reader.

It has also made excellent progress with E-Books as Kindle Books have gradually set an astonishing record of 175% of downloads after a time between Black Friday and Christmas; with the latter holiday making way for gift getters started loading up with material to read.

Regardless of the numbers, Amazon was still discreet of any specifics as usual, as it refused to reveal any exact tallies; although they generally summed it up by a million at least.  However, it is facing a lot of criticism from analysts due to its lacks the finesse and sleekness found in the iPads accompanied by a few shortcomings like its lethargic interface, as pointed out by Jakob Nielsen an expert on usability.

In spite of those complications, consumers were unhesitant in purchasing the Kindle Fire at $199.00 a pop and a majority seems to agree quite positively on its performance. If the pace at where it’s going, it might just stand a chance of besting the iPad in terms of sales.

New Year Brings in New Sales: Great Deals in 2014

The new year is here and with it come some of the best deals on certain products and services we will see all year. If you New Year’s resolution was to save money and get great deals, you are in luck, because we are here to show you how to get the best deals 2012 has to offer in the coming weeks. The best 2012 New Years deals are on products and services that will help you meet your New Year’s resolutions! Gyms are offering huge discounts on memberships to help you lose weight and smoking cessation products are on sale to help you quit smoking. Here are some of the best 2012 New Years deals out there:

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Check out the great deals for some of the most common resolutions below!

1) Quit Smoking

Nicorette Mini Lozenges are on sale for 55% off at Theses smoking cessation aides are 2MG nicotine lozenges and come in a pack of 81.

2) Lose Weight

Gyms across the United States are offering discount rates for customers who sign up in the first few weeks of the New Year.

For example, Pura Vida Urban Fitness in Brooklyn, New York is offering huge discounts on personal training packages and nutrition coaching. On their Facebook page, Pura Vida Urban Fitness is offering the following deal to new clients with strong resolutions in the New Year:

“Win Classes and Nutrition Coaching! Tell us about your fitness and nutrition New Years Resolutions for 2012 and you could win 3 Classes or one month of private Nutrition Coaching @puravidaurban!”

3) Save Money

Times were tough in 2011 and for many, 2012 has brought in even more financial woes. Not to worry! You can still get everything you want, at a collective discount sites like and coupons at Bank of America has also set up some very helpful tips for managing your finances in 2012, encouraging you to make goals and learn from your mistakes; their great New Year’s finance advice can be found on their website.

“After-Christmas Sales” at, Walmart, Best Buy

Popular retailers, Best Buy and Walmart will hold their annual “After-Christmas Sales” this year, starting on December 26th (the day after Christmas). This year, prices will drop to unimaginable lows and shoppers will have the opportunity to pick up that “special something” that they didn’t get in their stocking or under the tree.

The After-Christmas Sales ads will be released or leaked sometime in the next two weeks and from the looks of the current “Christmas deals” that are up now, the After-Christmas deals will be amazing this year. is offering LG BD630 Blu-ray Players for only $59.98 (reduced from $119.99), ASUS G53SW-XA1 Gaming Laptop for only $899.99 (reduced from $1,299.99) and “Sony L Series VPCL232FX/B 24” Flat Screen TVs for only $949.99 (reduced from $1,099.99).

You can see all of’s annual Christmas sales at

Walmart is offering the 8GB iPod Touch by Apple for only $184, Nintendo DSi Value Bundles for $159 and Tablet PCs for only $99.

You can see all of Walmart’s annual Christmas sales at

Best Buy is offering free shipping on everything they sell through 11 AM on December 20th. The Best Buy “Wrap it Up Sale” features Toshiba 46″ 1080p HDTVs for only $599.99, Asus X54L-BBK4 Laptops for only $399.99 and 20% off on Energy Star Kitchen Appliances.

You can see all of Best Buy’s annual Christmas sales at Price Check App Shakes Up Retail World created a “Price Check” app for the iPhone and Android, which allows shoppers to scan the bar code of items they find in brick-and-mortar retail locations like Walmart and Best Buy in order to get 5% off on those same items on does not pay for expensive retail space, or employ an army of clerks and cashiers, so their prices on popular items are often lower than the competition to begin with–the 5% discount will continue to drop the already low prices and could be more than some retailers are able to compete with.

The amount shoppers can save on any given item with the Price Check app is $5. Retailers and related associations across the United States are calling foul on Amazon, stating that the new Price Check app gives an unfair advantage and “steals” business from brick-and-mortar retailers; this in turn hurts the local state economies that those brick-and-mortar retailers operate in, because the California based is not required to collect state taxes on purchases made by residents of states that doesn’t have a physical presence in.

Recent reports by ComScore state that 26% of shoppers use their mobile phones to scan bar codes and compare prices online. is capitalizing on this trend by not only showing consumers that they have lower prices, but offering them an additional discount as well. is also able to collect massive amounts of data from their competitors using the bar codes consumers scan, which will presumably aid their marketing efforts in the future.

Report: Kindle Fire Threatens iPad

The Kindle Fire has only been out on the market for just over two weeks and already it has become the world’s second best-selling tablet PC in quarter 4 of 2011. Apple’s iPad tablet still outsold the Kindle Fire by a longshot, but with this much momentum early on the device could easily become a serious contender for the #1 spot sometime next year. Apple is estimated to have sold around 18,598,000 iPad devices, while is estimated to have sold 3,900,000 Kindle Fire devices. Despite the large disparity between Kindle Fire and iPad sales, these numbers are still potentially good news for, whose tablet outsold those of other main competitors after just two weeks in Q4. beat out Samsung, Barnes & Noble, HTC and others.

Currently Apple holds a massive piece of the tablet market, pulling in about 65.6% of all tablet sales. is gaining fast, with 13.8% of the market conquered in just two weeks. Analysts are predicting that the Kindle Fire will be the first tablet since the iPad was created to actually present a competitive challenge. Not only does’s Kindle Fire have many of the features that the iPad 2 does, it retails for a full $300 less, selling for just $199. takes a loss of $2.70 on every Kindle Fire they sell, but plans on making up for that in sales of electronic goods such as eBooks and physical goods ordered through their website.’s strategic pricing approach is putting competitors like Apple in a bind, because they are forced to reduce their profit margins, use cheaper materials in manufacturing or simply be out-priced.

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