Cyber Monday Bigger Than Black Friday?

Black Friday 2017 was big but this year’s Cyber Monday may be even bigger as more and more potential customers are choosing to shop online. That means that retailers  will be offering more of the same along with online-only specials.

According to Adobe Analytics, Black Friday sales made on mobile devices accounted for 61% of website visits and 46% of revenue. While the news may have concentrated on rowdy crowds stampeding the big box stores, the reality is that almost half of the money those chains made came from online orders.

The advantages to shopping online are pretty obvious. You don’t have to get dressed, drive to the mall, park, wait for the store to open, search for what you need, fight other customers over the last Doorbuster Deal, drag your cart to the checkout and haul your purchases home. You don’t have to do any of that when you shop online – you don’t even have to get out of bed!

A big advantage of shopping online is the ability to compare prices on the same item very quickly. Another is being able to find which retailer has the item you need in the right size and color. You can comparison shop for big ticket items like a TV by reading reviews, descriptions and specifications so you know what you’re buying and whether you’re getting the best deal.

Add in the ease and convenience of using apps from major retailers and it’s easy to see why more shoppers are opting for going online instead of going to the mall. So are we ready for Cyber Monday?


Amazon was born ready! This online-only retailer has owned Cyber Monday for years while rivals try in vain to catch up. This year Amazon is continuing many of its Black Friday deals, including $20 off the new Echo ($79.99), $50 off the Fire HD 10 tablet ($99.99) and $30 off the Kindle Paperwhite ($89.99). These deals, along with the Fire 7 and the Echo Dot for for $29.99 each, are already online and may hang around for the weekend. Practically all of Amazon’s own Echo, Fire and Kindle devices are discounted for Cyber Monday.

Amazon is teasing a “premium brand 49” 4K smart TV” for $329.99 and a 55” 4K TV of unknown origin for $224.99. Even if you miss those two, there will be major discounts on Sony and LG 4K TVs. Also promised are “up to 60%” savings on select video games including Call of Duty: WWII, Middle Earth: Shadow of War and Injustice 2.

Amazon customers can start their Cyber Monday shopping at 5 pm on Sunday if they have a voice-powered, Alexa enabled device, giving them early access to the 30 Deals of the Day or thousands of Lightning Deals. “Alexa, find me that 55” TV for $224.99.”


Black Friday got off to a shaky start for this retail giant, as its Facebook page was flooded with complaints about both online and in-store sales. Some shoppers claimed to have logged in at 12:01 am on Thanksgiving morning only to find the advertised online specials already sold out. This does not bode well for Cyber Monday when the Walmart website will be expected to handle huge volumes of orders starting again at one minute after midnight.

For those disgruntled customers who failed to score the deals they wanted, Walmart promises to reprise many of those same sale items for Cyber Monday. Deals to watch for include a Samsung 58” 4K TV for $598, a discount of $200, $100 off Bose QuietComfort 25 noise-canceling headphones, now priced at $179,  the 500GB Xbox One S for $189, $60 off  list price and the 1TB PlayStation 4 Slim for $199, $50 off its usual price.

New for Cyber Monday will be an RCA 55” 4K Roku Smart HDR LED TV for $379, a saving of $420. If this is the same TV Walmart had on sale for Black Friday, this deal is $50 cheaper. Also less pricey on Cyber Monday is the Lenovo ideapad 320 15.6” laptop with Windows 10 for $199, a discount of $70.

No promises, but there are rumors that Walmart will have some major deals on Apple products, like a $300 gift card with purchase of the iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8+. There were complaints about a lack of stock on Apple smartphones at some Walmart stores on Black Friday, but at least all online customers will have the same chance to score, provided they act early.

The iPhone 6 on Walmart’s Straight Talk Wireless for $129 is expected to return for Cyber Monday but this is another item that was plagued by complaints of being sold out. Hopefully, Walmart will be laying in a new supply over the weekend. Another Black Friday favorite expected to return is the Apple iPad 32GB Wi-Fi model for $249.99

If you’re looking for heavily-hyped Doorbuster Deals from Walmart on Cyber Monday, stay up late and log in by 12:01 am for the best chance at catching the most elusive items.


Target promises big deals on electronics for Cyber Monday, like $20 gift cards with your purchase of Beats X Bluetooth earphones or Beats EP wired headphones. Another good deal is a 50” Samsung 4K TV for $479.99. The best overall deal from Target is 15% off sitewide which could come in really handy if you’re buying items that aren’t on sale. Target will be continuing the Cyber Monday action through the rest of the week, with 40% off bath and bedding items on Tuesday, cosmetics on sale Wednesday, 30% off family outerwear on Thursday, electronics on sale Friday and 30% off furniture and rugs Saturday.


The Xbox One S console is selling for $189 just about everywhere but Microsoft is sweetening their deal by throwing in a free game and one-month game pass. That’s about $70 worth of extra goodies, and you can choose from 13 of the most popular titles including Assassin’s Creed and Let’s Dance.


While Apple has become notorious for ignoring Black Friday, the tech giant has been known for kicking in a few gift cards on Cyber Monday and that’s just what they’re doing this year. For Cyber Weekend, you can get a $25 gift card with your purchase of select Apple Watches, a $50 gift card with select iPhones, a $100 gift card with select iPads and a $150 card with select Macs.

Some retailers are being sneaky about their Cyber Monday deals, postponing the release of their ads until Black Friday is officially over, so we can expect more news over the weekend. Kohl’s is one major player that has promised an announcement sometime Saturday. Best Buy has revealed that they will offer free shipping on Cyber Monday but we’ll have to wait for more details.

Fortunately, you don’t need to make major plans for Cyber Monday since you don’t have to actually go anywhere!

How to Cyber Monday

Scoring the best deals on Cyber Monday requires a different skill set than braving the crowds on Black Friday. Instead of needing the stamina to stand in long lines, you need the patience to try and try again until you succeed in getting a confirmed order for the item you want. You also need the ability to jump from one website to another, checking for new deals.

Practically every retailer with a website will be having some kind of sale for Cyber Monday so if you have time, check around and see if your favorites are offering special deals. If you don’t find what you want at a price you’re willing to pay, try eBay. This site always has low prices on thousands of items.

The main thing Cyber Monday shoppers have to beware is buying too much because it’s so fast and easy!