Best Cyber Monday Smartphone Deals

This is not the best Cyber Monday ever to get a super deal on a smartphone. Just a few years ago, retailers and carriers were offering the latest phones free or at deeply discounted prices in return for a two-year contract. Alas, those days are gone but some sellers are willing to toss in a free gift card with your purchase and there are decent deals on refurbs and unlocked models that liberate you from two years of payments.

Best Buy

This big box chain is offering a $250 gift card with your purchase of an iPhone 7S. Get a $160 gift card when you buy an iPhone SE. Best Buy is also offering $100 off if you buy and activate an iPhone as well as purchase a set of Beats Solo 3 or Powerbeats 3 at the same time. This offer seems a bit iffy since you might be able to find the headphones cheaper someplace else.

Buy and activate a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge and get a free Samsung Gear VR headset plus a $250 gift card if you go with AT&T or a $400 gift card for Sprint or Verizon.

Get $120 off and a free wireless charger when you buy an unlocked 32GB Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Get a $100 Best Buy gift card when you buy and activate a Google Pixel phone with a monthly plan on Verizon.

Get $100 off plus a free battery charger when you buy and activate a Moto X phone with a Verizon monthly plan.

Get $100 off an unlocked Huawei smartphone, now selling for $299.99.


Get the unlocked international version of the Samsung Galaxy S7 for $523.62. Other deals on unlocked phones include the Moto G Plus for $199.99, the 32GB Asus ZenFone for $199, the LG Stylo 2 for $69.99 and the FreedomPop Samsung Galaxy S6 LTE for $799.99 to $139.99. Of course, since this is Amazon, newer deals could pop up at any time.


Get a 15% discount and a free Gear VR headset when you buy and activate a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge. Plus, you can get a $250 Target gift card with the Samsung Galaxy S7 or a $150 gift card with the S7 Edge.


Get a Samsung Galaxy S7 with no down payment with a monthly contract and trade-in of your old device.