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7 New Products Yogis Will Love (Gift & Shopping Guide)

Whether you're shopping for yourself or looking to buy a gift for the yogi in your life, we've got some awesome new products we're excited to introduce to you. When health and wellness is your priority in life, only the best will do. Here's what we found.

ESYM Yoga Mat Spray

What is more pure and relaxing than a long hot yoga session away from the chaos of life, set to peaceful music and finished off with a harsh chemical spray on your yoga mat.

Um, maybe one thing. ESYM’s Yoga Mat Spray is a 100% natural and hand crafted blend of essential oils designed to awaken the senses and lift your mood. These natural ingredients make the spray safe and gentle on the skin- so spray all you want!

Envelop your mind and body by spritzing your mat before a yoga session to decompress and prime your meditation. After you’re done, one last spray will keep your mind in its peaceful state even after you walk out the door. Treat your mat just as good as you treat yourself and reach for a safer, cleaner spray.

Good Wipes Body Wipes for Everyone

Perfect for the yogi who is looking for a quick way to freshen up after a good session, Goodwipes' Body Wipes are your shower in the form of wipe to get the job done. Made with natural tea tree oil, cooling peppermint and ginseng you can wipe away sweat and odor quickly and conveniently.

The wipes are 100% biodegradable and hypoallergenic so the yogi in your life can enjoy their workout and clean up quick without worrying about the ingredients. Ideal for those looking to get a quick session in and move on to their next adventure, these wipes are packaged in small sachets so you can toss it in your bag and hit the road.

Urban Leaf Window Sill Garden Kits

Relax and unwind after your work out with Urban Leaf's gorgeous Window Sill Garden Kits. Each kit comes with everything you need to set up and maintain a self-watering garden - except a sunny window sill and 3 empty bottles (cold brew coffee and kombucha work well).

Set up takes about 60 seconds, and then you can sit back and look forward to months worth of your very own windowsill-grown fresh herbs and flowers. Enjoy them in herbal teas, salads, as a garnish or even brighten up your living room with their Edible Flowers kit. Green thumbs are not required for this garden, and if it doesn't work they'll replace it free of charge. What's there to lose? 100% US made from eco-friendly materials, with 1% supporting urban farming education for kids. Get yours now at for $22 per 3-pack.

Skinny & Co. Coconut Oil

Skinny & Co. believes you should never have to sacrifice health for beauty. Voted one of Oprah’s top products for going green 2018, they make the ONLY 100% raw, sustainably sourced, small batch, chemical free, preservative free and hand crafted coconut oil in the world - full of active nutrients for your body - inside and out. They also have a gifting collection Tasalli as well! (under $50)

Brittanie’s Thyme Activated Charcoal

Brittanie’s Thyme is the ONLY USDA certified organic, vegan, cruelty-free brand that offers the purest products on the market. Their products are also paraben- free and phthalate-free with no artificial fragrances.

Not to mention their Activated Charcoal line is sure to have your skin looking and feeling fresh and radiant. Here you have an all-natural brand that produces superior charcoal beauty essentials that actually works! 

Charcoal not your thing? They have plenty of options to choose from. (under $40)

Cusa Tea's Chai Tea

Pumpkin Spice meets its match. Boulder’s own, Cusa Tea's newest Chai Tea varietal features bold, spicy and rich flavors. You may never want to go back to the trendy, seasonal Pumpkin drink again.

Cusa Tea is an ideal alternative for that caffeine boost before or after your practice.

As the world's first premium organic instant tea, Cusa Tea's Chai Tea is made with 100% organic black tea, spiced with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, clove and black pepper. The Chai is unsweetened and does not contain dairy, which elevates the robust spiced flavors of the organic tea. It also goes well with honey added for extra flavor!

Cusa recently won two awards from the Global Tea Championships and the process they created to make the first delicious instant tea now holds 22 patents. Ten instant packets come in every box, and each packet makes a 12-14 ounce cup of perfectly steeped chai tea in under 3 seconds. Available for purchase online and in select retailers (MSRP $10).

All of Cusa Tea's flavors has zero sugar, zero additives, and zero fillers or preservatives, and can be enjoyed hot or cold. Sit back, sip and relax with a mug of Cusa Tea's Chai.

WearBands Resistance Bands

Many yoga practitioners today are looking for the well-documented benefits of functional resistance, but to add resistance to yoga can often be disruptive to the flow of yoga. Introducing WearBands, a highly versatile functional resistance tool, which adds full-time, core-to-foot resistance of varying levels to any movement with complete freedom of movement.

WearBands patented sock allows the system to be worn comfortably with no shoes. Just hook up the system and proceed with your favorite yoga session. The fluid resistance allows for any movement and applies resistance to your core, glutes, hips, legs and even feet! The additional muscle recruitment and activation will improve strength and balance and will firm and tone your core, glutes and legs while adding up to 20% more calorie burn. You will feel it working the moment you put it on.

Endorsed by world-renowned physiotherapists, doctors, sports trainers, world-class athletes and every day fitness consumers, WearBands is evolved functional resistance. Unencumbered,hands-free, lightweight, no-impact and biomechanically sound. If you like the idea of combining resistance with yoga and flow, you’ll love WearBands!

WearBands comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so there is no risk to try. Great for athletic and fitness training, or even just going for a walk or hike, WearBands is one fitness tool you will use not only for yoga, but to get more fitness results from any activity.

4 Father’s Day Gift Ideas any Dad will Love

What do you get the dad who has everything?

We checked out some of the latest and greatest gifts for dad and came up with a pretty awesome list to inspire your shopping this year!

#1 For the tech-loving dad who needs a little mindfulness.

This brain sensing headband combines the benefits of meditation with modern technology, and makes the perfect Father’s Day gift for dads.

Muse can help with stress-relief and a better night’s sleep, will help boost his mental game for any athletic endeavor, and is great for Dads into high-tech products.

Shaquille O’Neal was recently involved with a campaign with another brand, Nabisco, where Shaq used the Muse to help him focus and dunk an Oreo cookie through the power of mindfulness!

PRICE $249.99 at Target.

#2 for the dad who loves relaxing with a cup of tea.

For the dad that enjoys a great cup of coffee or mug of tea-this is the ultimate pairing!

Marlo’s Bakeshop’s line of soft-crunch biscotti is based on a secret family recipe passed down through three generations of women. There are four, deliciously unique flavors in the line of cookies that are allergy-friendly and made exclusively with premium, GMO-free ingredients.

Price (3-pack): $16.99 at Marlo’s Bakeshop.

#3 for the dad who loves flowers.

Everyone loves flowers! Who says dads can’t enjoy them too?

They’ll appreciate the eco-friendly and ethical practices behind Bouquet in a Box, an online flower delivery service that’s shaking up the scene.

Bouquet in a Box guarantees the freshest blooms,hand-cut to order straight from their family farms in California. For maximum freshness, flowers are shipped overnight at no shipping cost to the buyer, so they can be ordered as late as the day before with no financial impact.

The flowers can be bought last-minute, but they feel just the opposite because they arrive complete with a vase, care instructions and a personalized note if desired.

Price: Varies at Bouqet in a Box.

#4 for the dad who’s always wondering “who’s at the door!?”.

SkyBell HD, is a sleek smart home, video doorbell.

SkyBell’s video doorbell provides dads the convenience of always knowing who’s at the door whether they’re at work or home, communicates with other IoT devices to prevent burglary and allows families to maintain the calm inside the house by turning off the indoor chime.

Price: $199 at SkyBell.

As E-commerce Continues to Grow, The Technology Behind it is Rapidly Evolving

E-commerce has changed the way businesses and customers transact goods and services. By widening options to shop in a physical commercial location to online stores, e-commerce brought customers the convenience and comfort to check out or purchase items anywhere. While new technology brings changes to how people do their digital shopping, it is not static but constantly evolving to address emerging needs of the current crop of tech-savvy consumers.


Efficient Checkout and Payment Options

In the coming years, utilizing electronic wallets or digital payment options to pay for purchases will become more mainstream as more customers are going cashless. As technology becomes more refined, it will be easier to pay with smart devices with a digital wallet instead of cards. Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency will also emerge as payment options in the future with retailers working with payment platforms to be able to handle these alternative currencies. In the future, protecting users of digital payment options will also become a paramount concern among retailers and financial institutions.


Alternative Delivery Methods

Drone technology will take online product delivery to new levels of efficiency. Amazon Prime first unveiled its drone delivery service in the UK in December before finally heading to US shores this month, with an exhibition of their octocopter delivery capabilities during the Amazon MARS 2017 conference in Palm Springs, California. Retailers are eyeing same day or faster delivery using drone technology methods. According to Amazon, when the service becomes commercially available, they expect packages to be delivered in 30 minutes or less. Even the United Parcel Service are exploring the possibility of utilizing these unmanned vehicles in remote locations for faster delivery. They are also looking at using warehouses on wheels as a docking station for the drones.


Expanded Social Media Presence

Smartphones and other devices will continue to be widely used for e-commerce in the future. Some stores will adopt a more efficient online method of customer service, widely employing social media platforms to connect with customers in real time. Customers, in turn, will be able to post comments in real time and generate responses from retailers. Online marketing will be more personalized and targeted as predictive data analytics becomes more refined and advanced. Online product recommendations will reflect items which are more likely to be purchased by consumers.


Real Time Data Generation

E-commerce platforms will be incorporated with real-time data capturing technology. Figures derived from product sales, consumer interest and feedback and a host of other factors will be easily collated to assist retailers in product development and marketing.

According to a survey from PEW Research, around 8 out of 10 U.S based consumers are doing their purchases online in 2015. More than a decade ago, a similar survey revealed only 22 percent were online shoppers. The numbers reveal how e-commerce has quickly carved a demand among consumers. The introduction of new e-commerce technology that will make the process faster and more efficient will encourage a new generation of shoppers to purchase online.

Comedy Duo has New Act for 2017: and a Special Message for Those with NYE Regrets…

Donald Trump is the president-elect, Kim Kardashian got robbed at gun-point, and none other than 90’s relic Tom Arnold may emerge as the world’s lord and savior.

To put it mildly, 2016 was the year of the unexpected. Topping it all off was Mariah Carey’s disastrous New Year’s Eve performance, reminding all that even the mightiest and most treasured occasionally stumble and fall.

Truth is, everyone has at one time or another experienced a New Year’s blunder. So much hope, so much expectation– everyone puts all of their eggs in one basket, praying that a New Year’s celebration well-spent will lay the groundwork for a prosperous year ahead. They make reservations at the best restaurant they probably can’t afford, pick out an outfit they absolutely can’t afford, and then head to a club that nobody on Earth can afford.

New York City-based comedy duo On The Pot said it best with their holiday jingle “I Dropped The Ball (on New Year’s Eve)” hilariously depicting the fact that even the best laid plans often go awry. The two transform into different characters, each one standing in their way of having the night they’d hoped for. Bonus: They also offer a crazy explanation as to why they annually drop the ball in Times Square (hint: it’s anatomically-related).

Alas, all anyone can really do is soldier on and work to make 2017 a better year for the world at large. What’s important to keep in mind is that each new year brings with it a fresh and clean slate, no matter how poorly the evening of December 31st went.

Here’s a happy, healthy, and unblemished 2017!

These Top 5 Tech Gadgets of 2016 are Still the Best in 2017

With Consumer Electronics 2017 right around the corner (it’s this weekend!), now is the time to reflect on the best tech products on the market–they’ll soon be more affordable than ever, as the next year’s tech starts to hit shelves.

The year 2016 was one of the best on record for gadget lovers. Tech analysts hope that 2017 will be even better; in the meantime, here are five items that got lots of attention when they were released last year:

Kangaroo Mobile Desktop

The tiniest computers these days are designed to stay at home. Such is the case of the Kangaroo Mobile Desktop, a very affordable machine featuring a quad-core Intel Cherry Trail CPU. This tiny box can replace a desktop computer as long as users do not expect it to play the latest PC games; however, its 802.11ac Wi-Fi system is fast enough to use it as a home media center. The Kangaroo can even be taken on the road as it also runs on batteries and can connect to an iPad, essentially converting it into a Windows tablet.

Actifry Smart XL

This smart cooking device is an advanced non-stick fryer with Bluetooth connectivity and a dedicated smartphone app loaded with hundreds of recipes, many of them for gourmet and healthy meals. A typical Tefal Actifry Smart XL recipe begins on the smartphone with step-by-step instructions. Once all the ingredients are gathered and placed inside the fryer, cooks can remotely check on the status and even control the temperature settings as well as the timers to produce a perfectly cooked meal.

Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Mini

It is amazing to think that one of the best-selling video game consoles in 2016 was a essentially a faithful remake of the 1985 classic. The NES Classic Mini is a palm-sized replica of one of the most popular video game consoles of all time; it comes equipped with a micro USB connector for HDMI output and includes a controller identical to the original as well as 30 games. The NES Classic Mini sold out as soon as it was released and was a popular gift during the holidays.

Electric Objects EO2 Screen

One of the most interesting household electronic devices of the last few years is mostly decorative. The EO2 Screen is a digital picture frame that measures 23 inches and displays high resolution images. This is basically a large electronic picture frame but with a very neatly added touch: the EO2 art service subscription lets owners choose from thousands of classic masterpieces. This means that an EO2 hanging on a wall can display a Van Gogh one day and a Picasso the next.

FitBit Aria Scales

The most popular smart wearable device in 2016 was the FitBit activity tracker, which many people received as a holiday gift to encourage them to live healthier lives. The FitBit brand is not limited to the activity trackers; in 2016, the FitBit Aria scales were introduced for the purpose of providing even more information about fitness. The Aria syncs data with the trackers so that users can track their weight, fat percentage and body mass index.

Valentine’s Gift Guide: Eco-Friendly Heirloom Gifts for Kids

Once Kids offers up some fantastic Valentine’s Day gifts with heirloom toys for kids that can be enjoyed by generations to come.

Looking for that final piece to top off a kid’s new room? Every child — from toddler to teen — will appreciate Wanderlust from Once Kids this Valentine’s Day.

Wanderlust are handcrafted, wooden play sets that feature cities from around the globe — from New York to Hong Kong to Paris to Dubai. While designed to offer up hours of fun and learning as kids fantasy travel around the world, the sets can polish off any global theme to a room.

Retailing for just $30, Wanderlust brings the world to life at a kid’s fingertips.

This Valentine’s Day, Dads can share in the fun of DIY toymaking with their sons, creating an heirloom toy for generations to come with a line of customized action heroes from Once Kids.

The PlayHard Heroes start at just $18, and provide the perfect DIY project for dads and sons to create a toy that can be passed down throughout the family.

With the birth of their fist child, industrial designer Brad and marketing expert Emmy Grimes longed for the toys of their own childhoods. The limitless possibilities of playthings was a child’s dream. However, Brad and Emmy wanted to use modern design to take toys back to traditional play.

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