Apple Trades iPad 2 for iPad 4

Apple just upgraded its less expensive iPad model, giving buyers a newer, faster tablet for the same price. The tech giant also released an even cheaper version of the iPhone 5C—but not in the U.S.

Ever since Apple released the iPad 3, the 2011 iPad 2 model has been available as a lower-priced alternative for frugal shoppers. Now Apple has retired the iPad 2 and refreshed its lineup with a fourth-gen version of the 9.7” tablet. The new model comes equipped with a more powerful processor, sharper display and faster wireless connectivity. The price is the same as for the iPad 2, $399 for the Wi-Fi model and $529 for the cell + Wi-Fi version. This is still pretty pricey, and there are definitely better deals out there on newer models from competitors.

On Tuesday, Apple also introduced an even cheaper version of the candy-colored plastic iPhone 5C in Australia, China, France, Germany and the U.K. This lower-priced phone has only 8GB of memory, half of the 16GB found in the U.S. version. This iPhone 5C will not be sold in the U.S., which is just as well since Apple has a couple of warehouses full of the 16GB phones already. One reason Apple ventured into the lower-priced cellphone market in the first place was to sell more phones in developing countries, but that hasn’t worked out so well since the market is already saturated with much cheaper Android models. Meanwhile, we should be seeing some pretty cool deals on those unsold iPhone 5Cs here in the U.S. as the release date for the next Apple smartphone draws closer.