Apple Releases $1,099 iMac

Apple computers are still among the most expensive on the market, but the desktop iMac just got more affordable. The latest entry-level iMac is now just $1,099.

Is Apple finally feeling pressure from the lower-priced competition? After decades of producing the finest, fastest, fanciest machines on the market, the tech giant has started offering lower-priced alternatives to its most expensive devices. Now a more affordable iMac joins the iPhone 5c and the $899 MacBook Air in the budget department of the Apple Store.

The latest iMac sells for $1,099 and packs a 1.4-GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive and Intel HD Graphics 5000 into a 21.5” all-in-one desktop. The main differences between this iMac and the $1,299 model are speed and storage, as the pricier version includes a 2.7-GHz Core i5 CPU and 1TB hard drive.

That means the budget-priced model runs a bit more slowly, but if you’re looking to buy a desktop Mac without breaking the bank, this is a good deal. For a better deal, hold off on buying one for a few weeks and see what extras you can get when the chains like Best Buy and Walmart start offering free gift cards with the purchase of this iMac.

If you have more cash to spend on an iMac, the $1,299 model is still available, along with the high-end 21.5” model for $1,499 and the 27” version for $1,799. For an Apple computer at a rock-bottom price, the entry-level MacBook Air laptop starts at $899 and can often be found on sale for $100 or more off.

Yes, Apple computers are still more expensive than comparable models from competitors but at least the prices are becoming a bit more reasonable.