Apple Drops Price on MacBook Air to $899

It’s not easy to find an Apple laptop for under $1,000, but it just got easier since Apple has refreshed its line of MacBook Air computers with faster processors and a lower price tag.

The latest version of the 11” MacBook Air comes with Apple’s lowest price yet for a laptop—$899. The newest MacBook Air notebooks have gotten a $100 price drop, with the 11” 128GB model just $899 and the 13” with 256GB going for $1,199.

The new versions contain fourth-generation Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors that work with the OS X Mavericks operating system to deliver longer battery life, as much as nine hours on the 11” models and 12 hours on the 13” models.

The price drop is pretty obviously a response to the wide variety of laptops from competitors selling for much less than those from Apple. With Chromebooks starting around $200, laptop buyers need a good reason to spend several times that amount for an Apple MacBook.

In a written statement, Apple senior vice president of marketing Phil Schiller commented, “With MacBook Air starting at $899, there’s no reason to settle for anything less than a Mac. Macs have never been more popular, and today we’ve boosted the performance and lowered the price of MacBook Air so even more people can experience the perfect everyday notebook.”

According to Apple blog 9to5Mac, the company is planning a major overhaul of the MacBook line later this year. One item to look for is a 12” MacBook Air that would be a hybrid of the ultra-portable Air and the heavier, more powerful MacBook Pro.

This price drop is good news for the Apple faithful, but $899 is still a steep price for a 11” laptop when compared to the much lower prices of rival PCs. The new MacBook Air models are available now at Apple Stores and authorized retailers.