Yes, You Can Find a Great Deal on a Christmas Tree in...

Yes, You Can Find a Great Deal on a Christmas Tree in NYC


An article from AOL Finance this week painted a pretty bleak picture of shopping for a Christmas tree in New York City. “Finding a Christmas tree in New York City on a sidewalk surrounded by concrete and taxi cabs is a lot like buying a fishing boat inside a shopping mall: You get the feeling this is not natural, and neither is the pricing.”

Unless you have the time (and the money, and a truck and a saw) to drive way out into the snowy woods to cut down your own tree, you’re going to have to shop for one on the streets of New York. Wading through a pile of dry, sad looking trees while shivering in the 40-degree cold is not the kind of experience that fills one with holiday cheer. And that’s before you look at the prices of those third-rate trees.

Fortunately, you live in NYC and that means you can get anything delivered, including a Christmas tree! While there are places all over the city where you will pay a very high price for this convenience, you have an alternative – Christmas Tree Brooklyn!

At Christmas Tree Brooklyn, you will find only fresh, green Fraser Firs, premium trees that will keep their good looks through the holiday season. You will also find the lowest prices in town for trees of this quality. Right now, trees up to 10 feet are just $12 per foot, meaning that you can get a fresh fir for as little as $36. You’ll find a wide range of sizes from 3 feet to 14 feet, all of them full and beautiful!

Not only are the trees at Christmas Tree Brooklyn totally stunning, delivery is free anywhere in New York City. If you want to pick out your tree in person, drop by the flagship location at 184 Underhill Ave. in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, and choose from the large selection. For the ultimate in convenience, order your tree online at Either way, same day delivery is free.

Need help setting up your tree? That’s available for a nominal extra charge. Need a wreath, a stand or lights? Those can be added to your order. Have questions? Call (347) 474-0079 for more information or aid in choosing a tree.

Getting the tree of your Christmas dreams doesn’t have to be difficult – or expensive!