Why Buying a Real Christmas Tree is Good for the Planet

Why Buying a Real Christmas Tree is Good for the Planet


Have you ever felt guilty about getting a real Christmas tree rather than an artificial one because it involves killing a living evergreen? You shouldn’t be because a natural tree can be the environmentally sound choice!

The Christmas Tree Farm Network offers several reasons why Christmas Trees are good for the planet including the fact that tree farms can stabilize soil, provide shelter for wildlife and protect valuable water supplies. Trees also produce oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide. Just one acre of Christmas trees can produce enough oxygen for 18 people each day! With one million acres currently being devoted to growing Christmas trees, that’s enough oxygen for 18 million people daily.

Plus, real Christmas trees are totally biodegradable, unlike artificial trees which are doomed to linger in landfills for many years. The trees cut each year are replaced with a new crop of seedlings that will grow into next year’s Christmas trees.

Buying a real tree also provides jobs for Americans. The 15,000 growers in the Christmas tree industry provide full-time or seasonal employment for about 100,000 people! So you can feel good about your choice to buy a green, fragrant tree grown in America instead of a cold plastic one made overseas.

If you live in New York City, your best choice for a fresh, full evergreen is Christmas Tree Brooklyn, where you’ll find only high quality Fraser Firs and your tree will be delivered free! Just go to ChristmasTreeBrooklyn.com and pick the size tree you want. Add any extras you may need like a stand, lights and tree food, then choose a convenient delivery time. Check out with your credit card and wait for your beautiful tree to be delivered free to your home or office! For a nominal extra charge, it can be set up securely in its stand.

If you’d prefer to pick out your tree in person, drop by the Christmas Tree Brooklyn flagship location at 184 Underhill Ave., Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. The tree you choose will still be delivered free!

This year, don’t feel guilty about buying a real Christmas tree because you will be doing your bit to help the planet!