Where is the Best Place to Buy a Christmas Tree in New...

Where is the Best Place to Buy a Christmas Tree in New York City?


Now that December is here there are Christmas trees for sale all over town. They line the walls in front of grocery stores and florists while formerly vacant lots are now covered with deliciously fragrant evergreens. Some of them may bear signs promising “the best trees in NYC” or “the lowest prices anywhere.”

While others can promise, Christmas Tree Brooklyn can deliver! For the last four years, this family-owned business has been selling only high-quality Fraser Firs to happy customers all over the NYC area. There are several great reasons for trusting Christmas Tree Brooklyn with your family’s tree this year.


Christmas Tree Brooklyn stocks only the freshest trees so you’ll never get a dried-out tree that is shedding needles before you even get it home. With a little care, like daily waterings and tree food, your tree will hold its good looks through your New Year’s Eve party.

Free delivery

You have two ways of choosing a tree from Christmas Tree Brooklyn. You can drop by their flagship location at 184 Underhill Ave., Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, and pick a tree from the wide selection of full, beautiful Fraser Firs. Or you can order a tree from the comfort of home by going to ChristmasTreeBrooklyn.com and picking the size tree you need. Add a stand, lights, tree food and a wreath if you wish, pick a convenient delivery time and check out. Either way, your tree will be delivered free right to your living room where you can have the fun of decorating it without the hassle of bringing it home.

If you have questions about trees, delivery or anything else about Christmas Tree Brooklyn, call (347) 474-0079. They can help you with your choice of a tree and will set it up in its stand for a small extra charge.


You might expect the quality, freshness and free delivery you get from Christmas Tree Brooklyn to cost more than buying a tree at the lot down the street or the supermarket but that’s not true. The prices at Christmas Tree Brooklyn are comparable to or lower than what you’d pay elsewhere in NYC.

Christmas Tree Brooklyn can deliver the tree of your dreams at a price you can afford!