Walmart and Radio Shack Slash Price of iPhone 5C


If you didn’t make it into your local Best Buy store this weekend to take advantage of their $50 price for the new iPhone 5C, you can still pick one up for that—or less. Both Walmart and Radio Shack are offering the colorful new smartphone for bargain prices.

When the iPhone 5C made its debut a few weeks ago, its $99 on-contract price was already pretty low, especially for an Apple smartphone, but now we’re seeing that low price being slashed by some major retail chains. Over the weekend, Best Buy stores were offering a $50 discount on the iPhone 5C in the form of a free gift card. That offer ends today (Monday) but now two other chains are matching that deal, or going one better.

Walmart has been selling the 16GB 5C for $79 with a two-year contract since the day it launched, but now the discount giant has cut that price to just $45. On Saturday, Radio Shack began its own promotion similar to that of Best Buy, offering a $50 gift card toward purchase of the iPhone 5C. The deal is good only in Radio Shack stores.

The iPhone 5C is certainly a great smartphone for $50 or less, with its 4” Retina display, 8-megapixel iSight rear camera, FaceTime HD front camera, A6 chip processor and multiband antenna. The 5C comes in five colors and runs Apple’s new iOS 7. Unlike the costlier iPhone 5S, the 5C is made from hard-coated polycarbonate rather than metal.

Are these the best prices we’re going to see on the iPhone 5C this year? I doubt it. Considering the number of discounts we’re seeing so early in the game, it won’t be surprising to see some retailers and carriers offering the 5C free with a two-year contract by Black Friday in November.

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