Valentine’s Gift Guide: Eco-Friendly Heirloom Gifts for Kids

Valentine’s Gift Guide: Eco-Friendly Heirloom Gifts for Kids


Once Kids offers up some fantastic Valentine’s Day gifts with heirloom toys for kids that can be enjoyed by generations to come.

Looking for that final piece to top off a kid’s new room? Every child — from toddler to teen — will appreciate Wanderlust from Once Kids this Valentine’s Day.

Wanderlust are handcrafted, wooden play sets that feature cities from around the globe — from New York to Hong Kong to Paris to Dubai. While designed to offer up hours of fun and learning as kids fantasy travel around the world, the sets can polish off any global theme to a room.

Retailing for just $30, Wanderlust brings the world to life at a kid’s fingertips.

This Valentine’s Day, Dads can share in the fun of DIY toymaking with their sons, creating an heirloom toy for generations to come with a line of customized action heroes from Once Kids.

The PlayHard Heroes start at just $18, and provide the perfect DIY project for dads and sons to create a toy that can be passed down throughout the family.

With the birth of their fist child, industrial designer Brad and marketing expert Emmy Grimes longed for the toys of their own childhoods. The limitless possibilities of playthings was a child’s dream. However, Brad and Emmy wanted to use modern design to take toys back to traditional play.