Tom Ford Hits Red Carpet in Green

By Antoinette Coyer, Black Friday Magazine
updated July 22, 2014

Designer Tom Ford revealed his latest eco-friendly fashion innovations for the Green Carpet Challenge this week and among other big-name designers including Giorgio Armani, Stella McCartney and Gucci to do so. Tom Ford’s eco-friendly designs will be shown off at the Golden Globe Awards and Academy Awards events.

Italian film producer Livia Firth is at the head of the effort to organize a Green Carpet design team and is the creative director and co-founder of a shop called Eco Age in London, England.

An overall industry push towards “greener” designs and materials has been occurring for years, but the Green Carpet initiative is the first of its kind.

“People are looking for an eco-friendly style,” says Alex Giamatti, a fashion expert in Los Angeles, CA. “The Green Carpet project will definitely help further the eco-friendly agenda and get people to think more constructively about fashion and their environment.”

Photos of Tom Ford’s eco-friendly designs will be revealed soon.

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