Old Navy Teams Up with Nintendo on Black Friday

Old Navy Teams Up with Nintendo on Black Friday


Old Navy and Nintendo are teaming up this year for a nationwide giveaway as part of the clothing retailer’s “Cheermageddon” Black Friday specials. Customers lining up early at Old Navy on November 23 have a chance to win a free copy of New Super Mario Bros. U for Nintendo’s new Wii U console. To qualify for the game, which has a retail value of $59.99, customers will need to purchase $40 in Old Navy merchandise at the store.

Customers will also have the chance to win the Wii U system on Black Friday. Throughout the day, Old Navy shoppers will be given special game cards that allow customers to participate in a raffle for one of the 1,000 consoles that Nintendo and the clothing retailer are giving away. For Canadian Old Navy shoppers, the game cards will be given out on Saturday, November 24.

Also starting on Thanksgiving day, Nintendo will be setting up interactive stations in one-third of Old Navy’s stores in the U.S. where customers can demo the New Super Mario Bros. U game on the Wii U, which isn’t being released until tomorrow, November 18.

The Wii U will debut tomorrow in two different version. The basic version is $299 and comes with 8GB of memory. The deluxe version is an extra $150 but comes with 32GB of memory and is bundled with Nintendo Land. The Old Navy giveaway will be for the basic $299 console.

The demo stations will also include Mario-themed photo backdrops for Nintendo fans who would like to take pictures with Mario, Luigi, and some of the other well-known Mushroom Kingdom characters. The stations will be up in Old Navy stores through November 24.