Make Buying a Christmas Tree Easy This Year

Make Buying a Christmas Tree Easy This Year


Getting a real, natural Christmas tree is definitely easier now than in the old days when you had to slog through the snow to chop one down with a saw! Today you have more options, some more appealing than others.

The lot

You can get into the car or take the subway to one of those tree lots that spring up like mushrooms on vacant lots every holiday season. Once you get there, you will be awed at the sheer number of trees. Unfortunately, a closer look reveals that individually, the trees aren’t so hot. So you trek up and down row after row of sad looking trees in hopes of finding one good one.

Finally you get so frustrated that you pick one that looks okay, drag it out to the car (or onto the Uber or subway) and haul it home. Gee, those five flights of stairs didn’t look so steep when you rented that cute little flat in the Village! You wrestle it into the stand and stop back to take a look. Why didn’t you notice that it was lopsided and thin on one side back at the lot? Oh, well, toss on more tinsel to fill in the bare spots.

The overpriced delivery place

There are several of these in the NYC area with prices starting around $130 and going up – way up – from there. At these prices, maybe you’ll have to settle for a smaller tree. And then there’s the extra charge for delivery.

Christmas Tree Brooklyn

At Christmas Tree Brooklyn, you’ll find low prices, great trees and free delivery all in one place! You have the option of picking out your tree in person at the flagship location, 184 Underhill Ave. in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, or ordering online at Either way, your fresh, perfect tree will be delivered free of charge anywhere in New York City!

Plus, you will be pleasantly surprised at the prices which are much lower than those of other tree delivery services. For a limited time, all trees up to 10 feet are just $12 per foot! No one else can match that price for a fresh, full Fraser Fir.

Nobody makes getting a great tree easier or more affordable than Christmas Tree Brooklyn!