Forbes Profiles Christmas Tree Brooklyn

Forbes Profiles Christmas Tree Brooklyn


Christmas Tree Brooklyn may be a small family business but they just caught the attention of the respected Forbes magazine. Contributor Larry Myler did a profile on the fast-growing vendor, now in its fifth year of selling and delivering quality evergreens to the city of New York.

“During a recent trip to the Big Apple, I stumbled upon a surprising small business that got me thinking. Christmas Tree Brooklyn, founded on the spur of the moment by Dan and Morgan Sevigny in 2012, has gotten bigger every season,” wrote Myler. “Based on an Uber-like digital access model, customers can use their website or phone number to order a Christmas tree delivered and set up anywhere nearly instantly, for up to 50% off the price elsewhere.”

The writer went on to give several reasons for the ongoing success of Christmas Tree Brooklyn. The first is proximity. “They’ve leveraged proximity marketing by combining the benefits of being a highly localized small business with a very 21st century business model.” He added this example: “‘Nice tree. How’d you get it in here? Must’ve been a pain.’ ‘Nope. Christmas Tree Brooklyn did it all.’ Word of mouth is that elusive, incredibly useful tool that so many businesses struggle with, and the Sevigny siblings have it in spades. They want to do one thing, get Christmas trees to consumers and businesses, and do it in one location, Brooklyn.”

The second key is seasonality. “If customers want that special Christmastime ambiance, a tree is the first thing they think of. By keying into the seasonal ideal of Christmas, and the feelings associated with it, a Christmas tree is a shortcut to the desired mood.”

Number three is urgency. “Urgency is the ticking clock reminder that time is running out, and its power is enormous. The holiday season only lasts for a couple of months, which a lesser business might see as a limitation, but for Christmas Tree Brooklyn it’s a tool.”

Number four is specialization. “Many companies want to be all things to all people, but sometimes doing one thing, and doing it really well, has enormous benefits. They have an almost obsessive dedication to doing one thing right, so customers receive exactly the service they expect every time, thus guaranteeing a high returning customer rate.”

All of this adds up to a business that has experience and expertise plus the desire to please customers. If you want the best tree at the lowest price, go to and place your order for a tree in any size from 3 to 14 feet. Or drop by their flagship location at 184 Underhill Ave. in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn and choose from the wide selection of fresh Fraser Firs. Need help? Call (347) 474-0079. Either way, your tree will be delivered free the same day!