Black Friday VR Deal Guide

Black Friday VR Deal Guide


This year, like every other, everyone and their mother is foaming at the mouth waiting for the latest Black Friday tech deals.

But this year, unlike some others, they have good reason to.

That’s because <strong>virtual reality headsets</strong> are becoming popular. And predicted Holiday success of these devices is likely to lead to a large boom in the industry.

By this time next year, a virtual reality headset could be as common as smartphones. Like their technological predecessor, they will get smaller and more sleek as time goes on.

But let’s get to the question everyone wants answered.

“Where can I buy a VR headset on Black Friday?!”

In this Special Edition Black Friday VR Guide, we’ll answer just that. We’ll also help you decide which model is best suited for your needs.

This post will be updated daily, so check back in often!

Where to buy a VR headset for Black Friday

Best Buy

Best buy has just about every single headset you could imagine.

On the high end, you have the Sony Playstation VR for $399.99  and the Oculus Rift for $599.99.

While on the lower-end of price you have the headsets capable of holding smart phones that are VR capable, including the Zeiss VR One Plus for $129.99 and the Insignia VR Viewer for just $9.99.

Amazon has a deal on the Samsung Gear VR headset. Usually, the headset costs $99.99, but if you order now you can get it for just $58.08. See this deal here.

More Deals Coming…

We will post the latest deals as they become available. Most Black Friday deals leak within a week of the big day.

Which VR Headset is the best?

This question is often asked, but there is no clear answer.

Everyone likes something different. And if you have a budget in mind, that can also severely limit your options.

Our staff picks of the best VR headsets this year:

  • Oculus Rift for $599.99.
  • PlayStation VR for $399.
  • HTC Vive for $799.
  • Samsung Gear VR for $97.98.