Better Grab These Hot Toys While You Can

Better Grab These Hot Toys While You Can


The hottest toy of the 2014 shopping season is Disney’s Frozen Castle and Ice Palace Playset which is sold out practically everywhere at the list price of $119 and going for sums up to $700 on eBay and from Amazon resellers. While this item is the most wanted toy of the year, it’s not the only one likely to be in short supply as Christmas gets closer. There are two more toys that are becoming harder to find on the shelves.

The Max Tow Truck
This item has a list price of $59.99 but good luck finding one at that price. Amazon resellers have this one in several colors if you don’t mind paying more than twice that price. Target had the Max Tow Truck for $47.99, which is probably why it’s currently out of stock. Walmart had it in blue for $49.99 but it’s out of stock there also. Same deal at Kmart. The good news is that it’s still available in red at Toys R Us for $49.99.

Imaginext Supernova Battle Rover
This toy can still be found for slightly under the list price of $119 but it’s going fast at stores like Toys R Us, which has it for $99.99 with a limit of 4 items per customer. At Amazon, it’s $148 with the warning that there are only 15 left in stock. 29 Amazon resellers have it starting at $135.21. This toy is priced at $99.99 at Target but it’s out of stock online and at all stores in my area. Walmart has it for $85 with free shipping and free store pickup so that looks like your best bet for now.

These two aren’t the only toys likely to disappear from store shelves before Christmas Eve. Other endangered species are items from Lego, Barbie, My Little Pony and Nerf. The entire Disney Frozen line is expected to join the Castle Playset as permanently out of stock. If any of these toys are on your wish list, the time to buy is now!