Best Cameras And Equipment Sales This Black Friday

Best Cameras And Equipment Sales This Black Friday


A variety of cameras and camera equipment will be as much as 77% off this Black Friday.

The best deal percentage-wise is at Sears, who is selling a PNY 16GB class 4 SD Memory Flash Card for only $7.99, a deal that is 77% off the original $34.99 price.

If you’re in the market for a lens, Sears again has the largest percentage off. Sears is selling a Canon EF75-300mm lens for all SLR Canons for $49.99, originally $199.99.

Many cameras are also at least 50% off.

If you’re looking to buy your kid a camera for Christmas, Kohl’s is selling the Discover Kids digital camera with full color LCD display for $19.99. BJ’s Wholesale Club also has a children’s camera, the Crayola Kids 2.1MP digital camera kit, for $19.99.

However, if you’re in the market for yourself, the best deals are at Shopko and Kohl’s.

Shopko has a black Polaroid 14MP camera for $49.99, 62% off the $129.99 original price. Also at Shopko—and the same price—is the Vivitar 12.1MP digital camcorder, which has a 4x zoom.

As for Kohl’s, they have a Vivitar 16.1MP digital camera on sale for $49.99, and another Vivitar—the 12.1MP digital video camcorder—for $59.99.

Kmart also has a pair of cameras that are 50% off. Both Vivitars, the first is a purple V15 ViviCam 1.3MP, that has a 1.4” screen for $9.99. The other camera is a black ViviCam 1.3MP, also for $9.99.

If you’re looking to stay in this year, has a few cameras that are at least 50% off.

Originally $249.00, their Olympus 16MP camera with 21×7 zoom is only $99.00. They are also selling a JVC HD camcorder with 40x zoom at $144.00.

Kohl’s, Shopko,, Sears, Kmart, and others have even more cameras in excess of 50% off this Black Friday. Other companies such as Best Buy, Target, Toys ‘R Us also have deals. Other brands on sale include Nikon, Fujifilm, and Action Shot, among others.