Are Lower Prices Coming on the iPhone 5S?

By Linda Cauthen, Black Friday Magazine
updated July 23, 2014

Apple’s brand new iPhone 5S won’t even hit stores until Friday, but we’re already seeing substantial discounts on this device. Does this mean that we can look forward to even bigger discounts over the next few months?

Apple debuted its iPhone 5S and 5C with great fanfare on September 10, and just two days later, Walmart announced that it would sell the 16GB iPhone 5S for just $189—a discount of $10. That may not sound like much, but for a device that has consistently sold for list price months after release, this is a major change.

On Tuesday, Sprint announced an even lower price—$99.99 for the 16GB iPhone 5S. The catch is that this shockingly low price is available only for customers who port their old phone number from a rival carrier.

Finding deals on a device that isn’t even in stores yet would seem to indicate that we can expect to see more discounts on the iPhone 5C and its lower-priced sister the 5C over the next few months. As electronics retailers and wireless carriers vie for sales on the new Apple smartphones, we may be seeing the deepest price drops ever on iPhones.

What should you do if you’re craving a new iPhone but looking for the best deal? Hold out a couple of months, at least through Black Friday in November. By then, you may be able to score a 5S for the list price of a 5C.

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