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Overstocked store deals

Overstocked: The Savvy Shopper’s Guide to Clearance Deals

For years, shoppers have instinctively flocked to the sale item section of brick and mortar stores with the eager anticipation of acquiring the best deal on their favorite shirt, toolbox or video game. But what many consumers don’t realize that there are entire websites dedicated to giving you the same sale section experience online. Since […]


Is Cable TV Coming to the End of the Line?

Cable TV has been a staple in American homes since the late 70s, but users are growing less fond of their services—and their escalating bills. That’s why a growing number of cable TV customers are cutting the cord in favor of streaming video services. If you feel like your cable bill gets higher every month, […]

iphone 6 rumors

iPhone 6 May Cost $100 More

Recent claims by Jeffries analyst Peter Misek state that the next Apple iPhone–the iPhone 6–could cost up to $!00 more than the iPhone 5S. Misek’s statement says: “Our checks indicate Apple has started negotiating with carriers on a $100 iPhone 6 price increase. The initial response has been no, but there seems to be an […]

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New Releases in Video Games 2014

If you are like most video game fanatics, then most likely you are always looking out for the latest releases in video games to replace old ones that you have already played and grown tired of. Luckily for you, there is no shortage of new video games in the market. In fact, there are so […]

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New Video Game for PS3

Whether you are an amateur or a pro in ps3 games, there is generally a lot of fun to be had engaging in this activity. To add to that fun is the fact that there is a wide variety of games to choose from; from soccer to motorbike racing to action adventure and many more, […]

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Sessler Leaves Rev3 Games

After passionately criticizing for Rev3, the famous video game critic cum TV presenter has finally opted to save the game developer of his criticism in order to pursue other interests. Sessler has been on news a number of times in the last one and a half years fiercely rebuking for Rev3 Games and the Discovery […]